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Welcome to Mmiri Review Site (or mmili reviews sites). Mmiri or Mmili in Igbo Language means "WATER" or "RAIN" - Drinking water or raining water and other things to do with water mmili or mmiri.

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Mmiri word saying includes:-

Mba Mmiri - meaning water from another side Mba mmiri or mba mmili. Like Mba mmili of Atlantic Occean feeds or discharging through a massive delta, known as the Niger Delta or the Oil Rivers, into the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean into River Niger and River Benue of Nigeria.

The River Niger is called Orimiri (or Orimili) "great water" Mba mmiri in Igbo Language.

There is a popular African Nigerian Igbo Music by Brother Cornelius O. Benjamin of Grace Gospel Band International called MMIRI Ndu II Series. The song is very soul-lifting in trying times! This touching song gives you peace each time you listen to it. The song calls for repentance as heaven and earth shall pass way but God's words still remains. It's a powerful Igbo music which inspires your spirit. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Mmiri Ndu - meaning "Life Saving Water" of human beings - mmili ndu Mmadụ.

Mmiri Ala (or mmili ara) - Breast Milk, a mother giving her baby a breast milk at meternity ward.

Mmiri ala - breast milk

Mmiri Maara m - meaning "I was Beaten by Rain" - mmili or mmiri maara m. By Okey Zubelu Okoh featuring Chiege Alisngwe say...
"Why are you crying? Wipe your tears, stop crying. You are mine, what you do pleases me. No matter what the world says, you and I are one, In life and in death. I was beaten by rain (mmiri) while waiting for my love. I was beaten by rain, but no regrets. I was smitten by sun, but no regrets. While I'm waiting for my love, my love don't desert me."

Ọkọchị na udu-mmiri - Summer time and raining season in Igbo land

(Summer And Raining Season)

N'udu mmiri onye ọbụla amalite ọlụ-ugbo
N'udu mmiri onye ọbụla amalite ọlụ-ugbo
(During raining season every gets ready for farm work.)

N'obodo anyi Nigeria e nwere izu abụa. Ha bụ udu-mmiri na ọkọchị - Meaning... In our country Nigeria, there are two season, Raining season and Summer time.

N'oge udu mmiri, mmiri na-ezo; ebe nile na-ajụ oyi - During raining season, rain falls and everywhere is cold.

N'ọkọchị, ebe nile a na-amụkesi amụkesi, kpọsịa ọkụ - During summer time, everywhere is very hot!

N'oge abụa ndịa, ụfọdụ mmadụ na-ekwu na nke kasị nma bụ udu-mmiri N'udu-mmiri, mmiri na-ezo oge ọbụla. - During this two season, some people said raining season is better as it rain all the time.

N'ọkọchị anwụ na-akpọ mgbedum. Onye ọbụla ma na mmiri bụ ndụ osisi. - In summer time, the sun shine at times and everybody knows rains is life saver of trees.

Other Meaning of Mmiri in Igbo language to English includes:-



Continuous Meaning






 mmiri, mmili, mili


  water; rain


 mmiri ala



 mmiri ala efi

 cow's milk


 {mmiri} gba

 flow {of water}


 {mmiri} gbafusị

 flow to waste {of water}


 {mmiri} kwo

 undergo a rush of people anxious to fetch water {of a stream}; rush, flow rapidly {of waterway, stream}


 {mmiri} ma

  be beaten by rain:


 Mmili ga-ama gi ọ bụlụ na ị naba kịtaa

 Rain will beat you if you leave now, i.e. You will be drenched if you leave now; be in grave trouble; suffer grave loss


 Chineke m! Mmili amaa m. Onye enyemaka ọ bụ sọọ sọ ya ka m nwelụ n'ụwa anwụa!

 My God! I am done for. The only helper I have in this world is dead!


 mmiri m mili

 wet; damp; watery


 dị mmiri mmiri

  be wet, damp, watery


 Kedu ife kpatalụ na ụno ọ a dị mmiri mmiri?

 Why is this house so wet?


 mmiri ṅda arọ?

  the first rain in the year


 mmiri olulu

 gathering of clouds before rain


 mmiri osisi



 mmiri ozuzo



 mmiri ọnụnụ

 drinking water


 mmiri ọw ụwa

 coming out of underground water, flooding the land of that area. In buildings in swampy areas, water sometimes appears and floods the floors


 afe mmiri



 agụụ mmiri



 akụ mmiri igwe



 akpa nwaammiri



 anya mmiri



 arụ mmiri

 stoutness; dropsy; fresh, plump body


 bụ ọnụ mmiri



 chedo mmiri

 hold water


 chu mmiri

 go to water


 desị mmiri



 fe mmiri

  drive away rain; sprinkle water


 gba anya mmiri

 shed tears


 gbalu mmiri

 defile, pollute water


 gba mmiri

 pour water on {fainting or shocked persons as treatment}


 gba mmiri

 force to drink water {as primitive way of feeding baby, or by pushing victim under water}


 gba mmiri ala

 contain breast milk; have flow of milk from the breast


 gwu mmiri



 ikpele mmiri

 bank of river


 isi mmiri

 source of a stream, river


 ku mmiri

 scoop water out of a vessel


 kunye mmiri

 bring water to


 kute mmiri

 fetch water in a vessel


 kpọchi mmiri

 turn off {i.e. lock, shut} tap


 kwọ mmiri

 bale, dip up water with the hands


 kwọsa mmiri

 throw water over {as in taking a shower}; wipe off water from floor, table, windscreen, or any wide surface {larger quantity than ficha; also kwọcha}


 mkpụlụ mmiri

 hail; drops of rain


 ogbu mmiri

 deep water; the sea


 odọ mmiri



 ọnụ mmiri

 spittle; saliva


 ra mmiri

 make, produce rain


 ora m mili



 ri mmiri



 ru nwa mmiri



 sala mmiri

 lap water {as dog}


 ta obi mmiri

 be callous, wicked, determined


 ufesị mmiri

 across the stream, river, etc.; other side of the river, stream, etc.


 n'ufesị mmiri

 on the other side of the river


 ụgbọ mmiri

 ship; boat; canoe


 ze{lụ} mmiri

 shelter from rain

 Mmiri; Mmili


  Abacha Mmiri
Akwa Mmiri {Bridge}
Echi mmiri {Bollywood movie video title}
Eze mmiri egwu
Hicha M Anya Mmiri {Prophetess Helen Nkume music title}
Ikuku mmiri
Isi mmiri
Ji mmiri oku {a yam and dried fish pepper soup porridge; Yam pepper soup; Goat Meat Yam Peppersoup; yam pepper soup with fresh fish}
Ka mmiri si were baa
Mama mmiri {mother of the Ofia River}
Mmiri Adoration {Cornelius O. Benjamin music title}
Mmiri ahu n'ezo
Mmiri ara
Mmiri By DeeJay J Masta Ft Ruff Coin
Mmiri enwughị ofu ụdị
Mmiri Ezogo
Mmiri maara m
Mmiri Malugo {Oliver De Coque music title}
Mmiri maram
Mmiri mbah
Mmiri mizu
Mmiri na-emebi akpu ukwu
Mmiri Ofe Nsala {White soup with pounded yam}
Mmiri Oku Eji Egbu Mbe
Mmiri oma na ezigbo ikuku
Mmiri onunu; mmiri di mma onunu
Nne Mmiri Osimmiri Osimmili
Ofe mmiri mmiri
Oge udu mmiri; orugo oge mmiri ji ezo kwa ubochi; Mmiri bu onyinye Chineke nyere anyi ka o diri anyi mma
Oke mmiri ozuzo
Okporo mmiri ahụ
Ome mmiri nke si azụ
Udu mmiri
Ụlị puku abụọ Ka Mmiri loro na makurdi

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The book of Proverbs chapter 31 verses 10 and 11 defines her thus: A good wife who can find her? "She is far more precious than jewels, the heart of her husband trusts her, and he will have no lack of gains".

A good wife has all good qualities in her. She respects God and mankind. She submits to her husband, performs her duties diligently to the satisfaction of her family in particular and other people in general.

Her love does not stop withher family along but extends to her husband's family band other people around her.

As a good wife, must be a practicing christian, a care taker of thefamily who devotes her life and time in teaching her children, house maid and others, to involve themselves in Church activities;

So that when they grow old they will not depart from serving God and humanity.

Good Wife Education:

A good wife will help her husband see that their children and household are trained educationally, physically, and socially to enable them fit well in the society.

A good wife should extend moral instructions toother children. If her husband is not religious, she will convert him through her moral behaviour and give necessary assistance he requires from her.

A good wife is not partial in dealing with others. She calls a spade a spade and not n fork.

Honesty is be her watch word. She is prayerful and leads her family members to Christ.

Good Wife Cleanliness:

A good wife who knows the essence of cleanliness should teach her children about it, as cleanliness is next to Godliness.

She considers personal cleanliness as very important.

Good Wife Accommodation:

A good wife is patient and accomodating with her husband, children and others.

She makes them realize that patient is an antidote for every problem in time of trouble.

She exhibits practical care and endurance and supports herself with prayers.

Good Wife Choice Of Marriage:

A good wife does not allow her daughter to marry any how. She discourages any wrong choice of marriage by her children.

She makes them realize that marriage is a permanent agreement ordained by God which nothing separates except death.

A good wife who performs her duties very well in her family and Community is commended. Thus: Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also praises her:

"Many women have done excellently,but you surpass them all" (Proverbs 31 verses 28 & 29).


There are many ways people can succeed as husbands and wives and as parents in their homes.
  • Do Not Always Insist On Your Rights - Allow your mate to have his or her way sometimes, even when you know you are not being treated fairly.

    You will not really loose anything in the process. Avoid constant conflict by not insisting in your right all the time.

  • Practice Open Forgiveness - "I am sorry". These words are a powerful tool for building good and strong families. Unfortunately, some families are unwilling to use this tool because family members are filled with much pride.

    The wisest thing a husband or wife can do in trying situations is to forgive even before an apology comes from the offending person.

    The Bible says "Love Covers a Multitude of Sin" if you love your marriage partner, you must practice open forgiveness to keep your love fresh each day.

  • Learn To Accept Your Mistakes - Accepting your mistakes and seeking forgiveness should not be limited to the husband and wife relationship.

    None of us is perfect, we all make mistakes. This will also help us to maintain an open loving relationship.

  • Do Not Let Money Divide You - Financial management in the home should be handled by the husband and wife together as a team.

    Any struggle for control of the family's purse will only divide the couple. In other words, the family purse should be held by the both.

    It is not good to observe how a man and woman give themselves to the other physically, emotionally, psychologically and yet with hold control of his or her own money.

    It leads to destructive family living because of suspicion, fear and lack of unity. When a couple marries, even their money should be married too.

  • Handle Extended Family Members Carefully - Many marriages have collapsed under the pressure-piled influence by extended family relations. We Africans value the extended family quite much than the Europeans.

    A husband and wife must at times insist on some changes if their nuclear family unit is to survive.

    They must stand together in harmony on how to relate to extended families from both sides. If the couple is united, their marriage will never collapse.

  • Discipline The Children As A Team - Do not let your children divide you. Unequal love and affection for your children can create extremely unhappy family relationship.

    Let your children see unity demonstreaded between the two of you, especially in the things that affect them. They will love and respect you for it.


What is Marriage?

Marriage is God calculated and premeditated divine institution, designed to form a permanent life union between one man and one woman with approval of society.

This union is formed so that the man and woman might be helpful to each other and become useful members of the society.

The institution of marriage is neither an accident nor chance. God designed marriage on purpose and that purpose is for our good.

What Is The Purpose Of Marriage?

There are three basic reasons why God institute marriage. These are:
  • For mutual help
  • For sexiual union and love
  • For protection
Loneliness has been a plague to mankind since the beginning of time when Adam first experienced loneliness in the Garden of Eden, God met his need by providing a wife.

Eve was Adam's helper in life. Thus, one great purpose of marriage is for two people to help each other.

The woman gives support to her man, while he provides strength and security. When a man and a woman live together and help each other, there is no room left for loneliness in their lives.

The sex experience is very exciting. Its joy adds to a good health in every marriage. The restrictions which God placed upon sex, like all of this instruction are for our good.

Outside of marriage, it is destructive and guilt-producing. The one flesh relationship is designed by God to strengthen the love between husband and wife.

The final major purpose of marriage is for procreation. After establishing the first family unit, God commanded Adam and Eve to multiply and fill the earth.

They were to fill the earth with people, the products of their physical union. In modern times procreation is better considers as the way to replace the parents and not fill the earth.


Roles of the Wife:

As a wife you need a radical change to live with your husband. Since you are married you must realize that you now have a new and independent home, separate from your father and mother's home.

You cannot afford to live the way you had lived in your parents house. You cannot also remain tied to your mother's apron strings any longer.

Some wives are nearer to their parents home than their husbands. As soon as anything happens, the first person to hear it is their mother.

Some women, though married, cannot take any decision until they have consulted their mothers, before they agree with their husbands an issue.

If you are like that you must break off, or you will ruin your relationship in your new home. Your husband is the head of the new home, do not allow your parents to rule your own home, it is very disastrous.

You must learn to understand your husband. Here is where many women fail, they do not really know their husbands. You must know that your husband is unique, his desires are unique.

Therefore, if you are going to enjoy his company and get along joyfully with him, take time to study him. Have you ever taken time to know his preferences since you married him?

Also, learn the meaning of love. Apart from other definitions you know, love means accepting your husband the way he is.

God created him in a unique way. He may have his weaknesses and faults because he is not an angel but try to tolerate him as much as possible. Don't try to change him overnight. You cannot do it.

Don't attempt to control and condemn him, instead, endeavour to satisfy him as much as possible. If there are unpleasant situations, take them to the Lord in Prayer.

God alone has th epower to change a person overnight. Avoid a critical, nagging attitude.

Be loveable and presentable. Remember the way you took care of your personal apprearance before you married him.

Now after many years of you being together with your husband, remain presentable. Keep up the things that attracted you to him.

May your matrimonial peace be like the river and the wine of joy like a fountain.

Perhaps you have heard about the Melt Your Man’s Heart by Randy Bennett which is why you are on this page trying to know more about this.

Randy's program is known to show many women how to become irresistible again to your cold, distant, and uninterested man.

Roles of the Husband:

Man should see the wife as a tender, precious vessel. In our homes we have wares, some are strong and some are brittle.

The strong ones can be kicked around, dropped forcibly on the table and handled anyhow.

But the brittle, breakable ones are handled with care to avoid cracking. So should husband treat their wives because they are delicate, weak and tender.

The woman is said to be a weaker vessel, not because she is feeble, infirm or without backbones but because she is precious and tender.

Women who have peculiarities that are unique with them. Sometimes, she is moody, at other times she is happy and cheerful. Husbands need understanding in dealing with their wives.

Your knowledge as a man in that home includes knowing that your wife is "fearfully and wonderfully made". Moreover, you are expected to honour your wife. Husbands should learn to respect their wives. Unfortunately common politeness is uncommon in many home.

It is easier for many men to share smiles with outsiders than to do it with their wifes at home. Some homes will be a better place if some men can give a fraction of this honour to their wives.

As a man tries to be friendly to his colleagues in the office or neighbourhood, let him do same at home. Let hime bring his sense of humor and cheerfulness into play at home.

Another thing you need for a healthy, happy home is fairness in financial matters. Money is the most common source of conflict between couples.

With the right attitude and an honest discussion, couples can effectively communicate about their financial problems.

Couples should devise a workable financial plan and be fair to one another in it execution, giving room for open discussion and agreement on how money should be spent in the family.

Never work through money problems while one of you is angry, instead schedule some time after both of you have cooled off a bit.

In matters of offences, since they sometimes come, the man should correct the wife privately but commend her publicly.

Don't rebuke that woman openly, not even before the children or your relatives. If you do she will lose her respect and dignity.

Let people know what is good about her. Talk of her industry and virtues. Be honest and faithful to her.

There are many faithful men who have never had any cause to meet any other woman outside their marriage.

Many homes have been destroyed because of unfaithfulness.

Some men while living unfaithful life have been known to pick up yeast infection or sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS and passed them on to their wives unsuspectingly.

The truth is, if your wife cannot trust you, she will find it difficult to love you. A "Successful marriage" writes an expert on marriage matters, requires falling in love many times - with the same person.

Review Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

( The Beautiful Wife )

A Review Friend accepts you as you are
Belives in you
Calls you just to say Hi
Doesn't give up on you
A review friend endures all things
Forgives your mistakes - please forgive mmiri review site mistake in advance
Helps you
Invites you over
Wants to be with you
Keeps you closes
Loves you for whom you are
Makes a differences in your life
Never judges
Offers support
Picks you up
Quickens your fears
Raises your spirit
Values you
Works beside
Tells you the truth when you need it
Explains things to you
Tells you when you won't listen
Zips you back to reality
Need to ask questions
A review friend without these qualities is never to be trusted as friend.
A friend in need is a friend indeed


A - Attack your problems but accept your partner.
B - Blame others for your problems and they will never be solved. Admit your faults.
C - Create a free atmosphere to discuss and rub minds.
D - Defend the problem and excuse yourself and nothing positive will follow.
E - Examine yourself. Self examination exposes your contributions to the problem.
F - Face issues with maturity and throw away self-pity.
G - Give your problems agood flight of faith, using spiritual weapons.
H - Handle each problem on daily basis. Hostility is the result of sleeping with accumulated problems.
I - Identify where the frictions are coming from and ensure you block them.
J - Just refused to allow jealousy; it is as cruel as the grave.
K - Kneel before God in prayer. Pray changes things. God is the impossibility specialist.
L - Learn from the problems you have gone through.
M - Meditate on the positive qualities of your partner.
N - Neglect gossips and hear say from neighbours and friends
O - Open up to each other.
P - Persevere and be patient.
Q - Quietness is a quality you must manifest while your partner is talking.
R - Recognise that Satan has interest in your marriage, keep him off.
S - Study the problem without any pressure and you will find the solution.
T - Take that little problem away between you so that it does not become a barrier.
U - Understand your partner and always put a positive construction on his/her actions.
V - Verify the truth of every matter before you take action.
W - Work together withyour partner for a godly, lasting solution to the problem.
X - X means crossroads formed by two lines not facing the same direction.Avoid having crossroad inyour family.
Y - Yield yourselves one to another.
Z - Zealously bring your thoughts, passions and actions under control while thinking on the solution.

Spread Love All Over the World

Spread love everywhere you go. First of all in your own home/house, give love to your lovely children, to your wife or husband or fiance, to a next door neighbour and to the less privileged/beggers on the street...

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.

Be the living expression of GOD‘s kindness, kindness on your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your behaviour to your fellow human beings and even to the animals because all have life to enjoy just as you wish to enjoy yours.

God Bless you and Remain blessed.

Sunshine Wouldn't be Sunshine without Rain

Empty your mind! Be form shapeless like water;
Now, you put water into a bottle and it becomes a bottle;
You put water into a teapot and it becomes a teapot;
Water can flow or creep or drip or crash!
Be like water, my friend.

Why do we need water?

Water makes up 50 to 70 per cent of an adult's total body weight and, without regular top-ups, our body's survival time is limited to a matter of days.

Water's essential for the body's growth and maintenance, as it's involved in a number of processes. For example, it helps get rid of waste and regulates temperature, and it provides a medium for biological reactions to occur in the body.

Water's lost from the body through urine and sweat, and must be replaced through the diet. If you don't consume enough you can become dehydrated, causing symptoms such as headaches, tiredness and loss of concentration.

Chronic dehydration can contribute to a number of health problems such as constipation and kidney stones.

Be Like Water - My Friend Review

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