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Sweetest ever had is sweet
Beautiful flower with good Seeds
Gotten from the Pot (owner)
Broken by the desired
Cherished by all.

Everybody has this flower
Some ar egood some ar ebad
Still taste sweet
Having seeds of good and bad
Always, the seeds shout fo rthe flower

I remember the period past
Those left without the flower cry
Blaming no one but unseen killer
Less guided and cartered for
Wondering like sheep without shepherd

Spanks and cautions
Her plans is my future
Likewise all her seeds
Only to become useful in the garden
O! flower, my Apple of joy

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Day-by-Day Stories and Studies

Exploring Space - For thousands of years men have been looking upwards, wondering about the sun and the moon and the stars, and where do raining water comes from?

What were they? Some thought, long ago, that the sun and the moon were gods. When anything unusual happened in the sky, men became frightened because they thought the gods were angry.

We know that the sun is a huge ball of fire in space, thousands of times bigger than our Earth.

We know that moon is quit like the Earth in some ways, but not as big as the Earth. We know that the stars are not just points of light, but bodies in space, some of them thousands of times bigger even than the sun.

Have you ever noticed that things seem to get smaller as they get farther away?

Hold up your thumbs side-by-side close in front of your face. Both thumbs will be the same size. Close one eye. Move one thumb away from you until your arm is straight out.

Now the thumb, which is farther away, will seem to be only half the size of the one, which is close to you.

We know this is not true, but that is what your eyes see. Things seem to get smaller as they get farther away.

You may have watched an aeroplane do this in the sky. In the end, it disappears. If a big thing like an aeroplane can disappear, imagine even something as big as the sun, or a star, will look small if it far enough away.

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