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Directory of Ezine 2.0 by Charlie Page Directory Of Ezines (DOE) 2.0 by Chalie Page could be "one of the best investments" you ever made. Period!

Ezines (electronic magazines), also better known as Newsletters (ezinearticles), are one of the most effective advertising tools (not advertising free) in online marketing.

Newsletters give highly targeted traffic - ezine traffic formula, which means you get actual buyers of your products and services rather than mere advertising free visitors who overcrowd and slow down your web site data transfer (bandwidth usage).

Newsletter service visitor that comes to your website through an ezine link knows about your site, knows what it has to offer and is actually interested the goods you have.

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Directory Of Ezines by Charlie Page is a members-only top article directories resource that will help you show your products via email newsletters (or free newsletter) to a hungry crowd and maximize profits with a minimum investment of time and money.

The main service that this members-only web site offers is online newsletter mailing list providers or ezines.

Ezines are not spam or unsolicited mail. Subscribers opted in to mailing lists, autoresponders, e-zines, newsletters and other electronic publications, automatically and effortlessly, requiring no form of manual work, active advertising or any action on your part at all.

Opt-in subscribers are interested in a subject matter and is given the option to receive "bulk" email, that is, email that is sent to many people at the same time. There are several common forms of opt-in email:
  • Unconfirmed opt-in - A new subscriber first gives his or her address to the list newsletter software, on a Webpage, but no steps are taken to make sure that this address actually belongs to the person.

    This can cause email from the online newsletter mailing list to be considered spam.

  • Confirmed opt-in (COI) - A new subscriber asks to be subscribed to the monthly newsletter mailing list, but unlike unconfirmed opt-in, a confirmation email is sent to verify it was really them.

    Many believe the person must not be added to the online newsletter mailing list unless an explicit step is taken, such as clicking a special web link or sending back a reply email.

    This ensures that no person can subscribe someone else out of malice or error.
Since ezine are only delivered to subscribers who are interested in the subject matter, they are the only ones who will respond to any ads placed.

Directory of Ezines Email Newsletter Service

Directory of eZines Member Center
After making a one-time investment, you get immediate lifetime access to Directory Of Ezines

And all its newsletter services, including free phone consulting on any question you might have with Mr. Chalie Page.

You also have access to the learning center that provides books, teleseminars, e-courses and other useful resources.

How to Find a Hungry Market?

Make no mistake, there are literally thousands of potential tightly niched hungry crowd and "hungry markets" out there. People are ready and willing to throw money at you.

The first place you would go for hungry market is to check out what kind of mailing lists newsletter subscription are available - and discover what it is the market wants.

And to do that you need to check out DOE directory of ezines mailing list providers. For example, you could search mailing list provider in E-business & E-marketing category.

Okay, where do you start?

Newsletter Services
Let's go online and search out some DOE's List Newsletter Service to see what lists are out there.

Then, and only then, do you consider what kind of products or services you might be able to supply to that market.

If you are looking for ways to promote your website to increase your traffic and conversion? Look no further.

Submitting (submit article) to ezines is one of the most popular and effective ways to improve your traffic flow and boost business profitability cash flow.

Although it is not always easy to find the best websites to submit your articles to. Two or more ezines might be a "must", but it is difficult to find other sites that can even be remotely be useful to you.

Find Solo ezine ads Services
Luckily for you, the Charlie Page's DOE directory of ezines has been created the tackled this exact same issue.

The newsletter service will help you find ezines that are within the same category as your niche.

This is done through the effective categorization of content sites.
By giving you an easier way to search, you minimize the time and effort required in promotion. Thus, you can concentrate your resources on other things.

There are a lot of advantages you can get from Chalie Page's DirectoryOfEzines. One of the most notable includes your ability to send targeted advertisement to your market. Ads Types can be sent such as:
  • Classified Ads - Like to the ad in the off-line newspaper, this type of advertisement typically contain only a few lines of text.

    It is very cheap and work relatively well. Although, donít expect classified ads to be as effective as the solo or sponsor ad.

  • Free Ads - Offer to a highly targetd prospects opted in from totally free traffic.

  • Solo Ads - Lots of ezines have a mailing list that can contain your ads offer. If your offer is a stand-alone or is a solo advertisement on the newsletter, then you can expect the list to be more responsive to your offer.

  • Sponsor Ads - These types of advertisements can be seen at the top of the ezine website. It generally can be seen by any webpage reader who visits the site.

  • Other Ads Accepted - Alternative ways - your offers blasted to the 4 corners of the web where it will be seen by searches, social butterflies, forum visitors and a slew of others.
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Find a Cash-on-Demand type Product to
fit this already hungry market..

Okay, you may be wondering, what does cash-on-demand and advertisement have to do with DOE Directory of Ezines?

You see, DOE (directory of ezines) is really a Secret Super Ninja resource tool that will:
  • Saves you days of research
  • Gives you the best, most reliable publisers
  • Gives you hundreds of ezine publishers in any niche
  • Gives you hundred of highest quality ezines instantly
  • Saves you a lot of money (instant discount)
  • Saves tons of headaches and frustrations
  • Secret weapon to working 4 hour/week or less
Essentially, Directory of Ezines gives you a list of appropriate hungry market ezines you can submit an offer to, you can easily locate which particular site you should advertise on.

DOE service already did the research for you. All you need to do is take advantage of it through submissions and advertisements.

Picking the right or the wrong niche can make (or break) your business right from the start.

Even with the best marketing and advertising in the world the "crocheted bodywarmers for camels" niche isn't likely to ever be a goer financially.

May be I've overlooked something, but I'd be surprised if the sales started flooding-in in their millions!

Picking a niche market..

Picking the right niche for you is at the foundation of your online endeavors, but so many pieces of training deal with it in just a throwaway line.

Once you've selected your niche. Sounds so simple? It can be if you know what to look for...

It's been the first stumbling block for so many people wanting to make money online and sometimes that's as far as some would be Marketers have ever got.

So today I'm going to show you how to to turn what many would see as an obstacle into a springboard to really get things going...

If you're intending to make money online, it is absolutely essential that you ensure that there is money in the market you plan to sell to ...

And you know exactly who you'll be targeting ... Get this right and you have made the first, and arguably the biggest step in creating a highly monetising list!

Does this approach make sense to you?

It is absolutely key to identify exactly who you are targeting. If you already have a hungry market in mind, you will need to check that it can be as profitable as you think it is,

Or if you're starting from scratch, then I'll take you briefly through the basic process you need to follow to select the correct market you can target.

First of all, if you haven't got a market in mind, you may well want to select something that you already have an interest in,

Or if your mind is still a blank you can always take a trip to Amazon or Walmart or WHSmith, etc...

Magazine Services

Well, an accepted rule of thumb is that if there's a magazine about a given subject, it stands to reason that there ought to be a reasonably large volume of people interested in that subject.

But a bit of common sense should always prevail too!

We have all occasionally seen those really odd magazines with titles such as "collecting stamps" or "insects collecting" and wondered who the heck reads them...

So a quick scan of the shelves should give you a few newsletter ideas. If you haven't got the time to pop to the local shops, you can always look on or for a list of titles, and get the ball rolling.

Then consider the following essential criteria:
  • Demand - Are there enough people interested in this market?
  • Profitability - Are these people willing to spend money on that interest?
  • Competition - How many other people have got exactly the same idea as you?
And there are a couple of free tools that I can think of off the top of my head that will help pin point the "winners", and the ones to steer clear of.

We use paid tools such as brad callen's niche finder and James J. Jones Micro Niche Finder.

Just type in details of your chosen market (e.g. Hypnotherapy Weight Loss, Dog food recipes, Car accessories or whatever else you can think of, and see how popular it is, and how often it is searched for and so on..

Viable niche market?

Check to see if your niche idea is viable, using this free tool - remember what you're looking for are high search volumes. If you flatline... then the market's dead, and it's time to look elsewhere.

Once you can see that there's activity and interest in your niche it's then handy to find out exactly what people are searching for;

Which will also give you additional ideas of what they might buy, and find out if these people are in fact buying anything at all - and if so what they're buying..

Just a quick advice on competition. There's nothing wrong with competition - it indicates money is being made in that particular market, in exactly the same way you are intending to.

Although, it is easier if potential subscribers and buyers search online, and only find just a few choices... YOURS!

Remember, it's possible you may have to throw away or discard a few of your first ideas to the bin.

It's not always a quick process and this is only to be expected, but I can't stress enough the importance of doing this part correctly.

It's far better to eliminate a duff niche right at the start. Then when you do start to spend time and effort on the next stages of the process, you're definitely barking up the right tree and set to succeed in your chosen niche.

The disadvantages/negatives/downside of Directory Of Ezines review/ 2.0/ discount/ scam/ warrior forum/ affiliate program/ login is that the price is not right. For now a one-time price of $197.00 could change. Also, the Solo Ads listed in DOE can be expensive.
  • It is hard to tell exactly how much time and energy Chalie Page Directory of Ezines put into "researching" each niche markets.

  • As a result you may waste money if you pick a niche markets that were not throughly research.

  • You may found that it relies on the ezine publishers keeping their contact details up to date in the directory - and many of them don't do this.

  • You may find it bit frustrating sourcing a good batch of decent ezines to run your ads in for some niches - We found this the case for the personal development niche market.

    OVERALL Directory Of Ezines Review

    After the Search Engines (SE) and PPC Advertisement, Ezine Advertising is seen as the third most popular way to generate traffic for your website.

    To be clear, Chalie Page's directory of ezines allow ANY person with average abilities and a commitment to other people to build the consistent income you've always wanted.

    Using Directory of Ezines as a tool can help in your success. Apart from DOE helping you locate appropriate ezines, it also becomes possible for you to advertise your site and affiliate link through the same medium.

    With DOE, there are so many different rewards and options available.

    There are free banner ad listings, unlimited free article submissions, free listings with high traffic sites and you get major discounts in solo ads, emails sent to subscribers using other people's lists.

    DOE saves you days of researching for good publishers in the category you wish to promote, as this is perfectly laid out for you.

    You will see the circulation - the number of subscribers on other people's lists, the cost of the ads, if other types of ads are offered - like free ads, exactly what the newsletter covers and who are the targeted subscribers.

    You will also see other information such as the contact information and how to submit your ads.

    You will find this could be the only way you can actually make a real full time income working just a few hours per week. As you have tried countless of other programs, services, and unfortunately, they have all failed me.

    What a way to live your life!

    So please, before you click the ORDER NOW buttons below and truely start your journey, promise yourself that your time has at last arrived.
    • Promise yourself that you'll NEVER live like you do now ever again.

    • Promise youself that you are GOING to go all out and become a millionaire.
    In fact, before you begin if I were you I'd just pause for a few minutes and take a time out to think about life.

    Seriously, take a good look at it..

    Spend some quiet moments on your own reflecting on all that's happened to you in the past.. how you've got to where you are today...

    And most importantly, where your life is really going... where you're going to end up if you keep doing what you're doing now.

    And be honest.. don't kid yourself.

    The truth is, its probably NOT turned out the way you had hoped it would. Neither is it going in the direction you'd have liked it to.

    In fact, aren't you absolutely fed up with the mediocrity of life? Think! What's your life really about? What do you look forward to.

    And aren't you just beginning to get a little tired of doing the same old thing week after week after week and never really getting anywhere?

    Tired of having no genuine freedom in your life? Never being able to do what you really would like to?

    Don't you get completely fed-up to the back teeth with your neighbours... politicians... petty work colleagues... your boss... the depressing news of wars, recession, interest rates, price rises, terrorism etc?

    And what about that job of yours?

    Is this what you want to do for the rest of your days?

    You probably know yourself that you could work there until your dying days and never make any serious money. Slaving away all your life, but what's it really giving you in return? A pittance of a state pension at the end of it all?


    Because I can tell you right now, it WILL if you don't do something about it now. Which is why there is one final thing I'd like to say to you before you click the order buttons now...

    Time for you to begin your own journey...

    In the end, this directory of ezines review is a positive one because this is a great way to reach a highly targeted audience.

    You will not have to randomly hope that interested people will visit your website because people who are interested in products like yours will be directly linked your website.

    The Directory of Ezines secrets is a superb resource to get involved with because you will have access to unlimited ezines, which means that you are sure to find one that serves your unique niche.

    Directory Of Ezines will drive highly interested PROSPECTS to ANY website you promote using the power of ezine marketing!

    This is NOT limited to marketing with ezines! You can ask about product creation, pay per click... anything you want!

    The Directory of Ezines has been helping members succeed online for over 10 years! Drive Motivated Buyers to Any website with Ezine Marketing.

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    "The ONLY place I go to do my advertising research"

    "I tell my readers that if they join only ONE ezine directory, to make it Charlie Page's Directory of Ezines.

    It's the UNDISPUTED leader on the Web -- the most reliable, the easiest to use, the best search capabilities.

    No other directory even comes close. Bottom line: It's the ONLY place I go to do my advertising research. "

    Alexandria K. Brown, "The Ezine Queen" -

    ON-SITE Review

    "There's nothing easier"

    "WWant to know which ezines are exactly right for advertising your business?

    Subscribe to Directory of Ezines and you'll know within seconds.

    There's nothing easier than searching through their massive database of the Internet's best ezines.

    You'll be miles ahead of your competitors and in reach of thousands of new customers. "

    Kevin Nunley -

    ON-SITE Review

    "You give me what I need to make the most of my advertising dollars"

    "AFTER 6 YEARS OF SURFING, I know I can rely on the Directory of Ezines for timely updates, professional layout, and the contacts I need that gets me right down to business.

    No fluff, No hype, you give me what I need to make the most of my advertising dollars. "

    Joe Bellshaw, President

    ON-SITE Review

    "Makes my job so very easy"

    "Hi Charlie... This is nothing more than unqualified fan mail.

    Just wanted to say that I've been using the DOE for article submission and ad purchases for over a year now, and it rocks!

    It really makes my job so very easy; again and again I see it recommended 'out there' on the Web (not necessarily by affiliates) so I know I'm not alone in thinking your product is great.

    I also really appreciated the last article about affiliate programs. I have a motivational site with about 100 affiliates, whom I've not paid enough attention to.

    Your article really got me thinking about how to move these folks forward.

    I'm setting up a marketing oriented site within the next two months, and will definitely recommend the DOE as a prime source for my folks.

    Thanks again! "

    Suzanne Falter-Barns,

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