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New Relesases Review: Mmiri is an Igbo word which means Water in English language. Water has no Enermy - Water has no Pressure.

Keep it Simple Reviews

  • Benefits of keeping product reviews or configurations simple
    • Fewer things there are = fewer things to potentially fail
    • Simple systems require less administrative attention
    • Reduced learning curve
  • Assume nothing and test and review everything
  • Find the appropriate hard/software balance
  • Consolidate servers
  • Adopt "one problem, one solution" methodology
  • Use fault management techniques by applying fault forecasting -Identify valnerabilities and their consequencens, priorities and treatments has the following new releases reviews:
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Consider using design patterns and write quality code

  • Any products or Applications must be designed with the following in mind:
    • Fault tolerance
    • Raising gentle errors
    • Resumption of data processing without errors
    • Redundant service processes
    • Simplified workflows
    • Central operations control
  • Code quality should allow the following:
    • Return value checks
    • Boundary condition checks
    • Proper error logging and reporting
    • Application bugs that do not cause casading failures.

Product development should include the following performance life cycle:

  • Gathering requirements - Defining performance objectives, workflow and key scenarios
  • Design - Generating specifications for code construction
  • Development - Identifying possible performance bottlenecks
  • Testing - Generating metrics and verifying application behaviour
  • Deployment - Validating workfload estimates, resource utilization levels, response time and throughput
  • Maintenance - Measuring and monitoring application in production environment

Avoid unnecessary work:

  • Eliminate generic functionality; focus on specific functionality
  • Focus on achieving the highest performance oncritical execution paths
  • Avoid the critical execution path for non-critical processing whenever possible
  • Avoid re-creating the same object many times
  • Structure code to use early binding

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