Nuance PDF SCAN Suite

by Nuance Software

The PDF Scan Suite is one of the Nuance software products.

The PDF Scan suite combines Nuance's top selling images solutions, as used by many people all over the world, including students, teachers and office workers.

It houses the best in OCR (optical character recognition), scanning and complete PDF functionality, as well as document management and retrieval technology.

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You can take advantage of PDFScan suite tools to work more effectively and prepare for exams or the next lesson more efficiently.

Bare in mind that, like Corel and Avanquest, is a company that buys out other software companies to obtain their products line so Dragon Naturally Speaking, PDF Converter and PaperPort Do Not share the same origins.

Nuance PDF+Scan Suite You can turn all or selected pages of a text book into virtually any digital format with a few easy clicks;

Convert from one digital format to another without losing text, layout, images or tables.

Create industry-standard PDF files from your work that can be edited, reviewed or converted into any other digital format and still look exactly like the original.

Index and organise your documents and photos and find them within seconds, using only one word present inside the text of the document.

Imagine how effectively you can do your homework, write an essay or your thesis, or share documents and photos with school mates with that kind of functionality.

The disadvantages/ weakness/ negatives/ downside/ torrent/ of PDF Scan software is that overall, slightly annoying about getting the licence, but a nicely presented package which works well.

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In summary, with PDF Scan Suite program, you can:
  • Get more organised and never retype another document.
  • Create, edit, convert and print PDF documents.
  • Create perfectly looking and secure documents, capture text anywhere and find information fast.
  • Scan, organise, share and search your notes, assignments, coursework and projects.
  • Store and search your photos with enhancements or not! - convert to PDF's for sharing.
  • At the library, scan extract from textbooks and later convert straight into a Word file.
  • Photograph an image with your mobile and import it straight into your assignment.
  • From a book, photograph text with your mobile, import into Microsoft Office and then edit.
  • Even add digital sticky notes to tell the story behind the photos.
  • Convert assignments to sound files, listen on your MP3 and do last proof-reads, last minute!
  • Lock your assignments into PDF and send to your teacher 'for your eyes only'.
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Price: £97.87
Customer Rating:
8.6 (7 votes)
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Reviews From Others!

Read Reviews From Users Like You:

" Putting it together

This is a great way to collect and organise information from various sources. Everyone has a digital camera - either compact or mobile phone.

Using the program's 3DC technology, you can collect disparate information and later convert to PDF format. If you have a scanner you can use that too.

You can even convert text to speech - very useful for revision.

This software is useful for anyone needing to collect information (text and photos) but especially people like students/teachers who have to deal with lots of textual information from various sources.

Thing is you need to be a bona fide student or academic to use this software. I gave mine to my son who is at university.

He has found it very useful as have his colleagues with whom he often shares projects.

D. Deacon - Liverpool, England "

" Very handy...

I won't go over everything already here, but the key question before getting this, is to make sure you will be processing enough documents to make this worth your while....

If so then some of the functions such as scan straight into office; scanning extracts from books and converting into Word; and really neat photo conversion are extremely useful.

Obviously the whole PDF creation suite is great, but you can get free software to do this. Overall recommended for bulk/heavy processing.

Mr. John W. Glasgow, Scotland "

" Easy to load easy to use.

I could wax lyrical about this product but basically it does what has been stated in the synopsis for the product, not a bad thing.

The software is relatively easy to load, and use is fairly intuitive that is the first thing I want from a software product.

The software is obviously aimed at the student market and it fits perfectly in that niche. Ticks all round.

Fletch-a-Sketch, Wiltshire, UK (United Kingdom) "

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Product Rating: rating (4 Stars)

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