Sports Picks Buffet

by John Morrison PhD Graduate from Cornell University,
PO Box 30175, Worcester, MA 01603, USA
Sure Win Sports Betting System

The Sports Picks Buffet Membership is another services provided by John Morrison. The all-you-can access pass to daily sports picks from hundreds of different world-famous handicappers!

This is an access to daily picks of over 500 world-class sports handicappers. Its like Warren Buffett Picks Stocks for you!

All picks will be compiled together in a convenient daily email, ensuring that the member will be crystal-clear on what most of the experts are saying on for the bets of the day.

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Basically, the service is this: John Morrison subscribe to over 500 world-famous sports handicappers.

Each morning, Mr. Morrison will compile together all of their expert sports picks and email them to you so that you don't have to spend a cent/ a dime/ a penny to get the same service that would normally otherwise cost you tens of thousands of $ dollars or euros or £ pounds sterling"

Open Yourself To Opportunity

Don't Stake Value For Money When Gambling. Value! It's one of the keys to winning money from sports betting or gambling.

But, although many of the sporting betting systems touch upon it, it's a topic a lots of bettors or punters probably still don't fully appreciate. So, I've decided to reminds you in this sports picks of the day review...

"The Value of Value."

Quite simply, all successfull punters/bettors, no matter what sport they bet upon, try to seek out value.

What's Value Got To Do With It?

Any bettor/punter who doesn't pay attention to the topic of value will not win in the long term. That's an inescapable fact.

The problem is, many punters don't pay enough attention to vaule simply because they don't fully understand it.

What makes this worse is how much of the sporting press, especially those covering soccer football, racing, basketball, baseball, etc.., do nothing to help bettors/punters.

In fact, they often hinder punters through blabbing on and on about their idea of value without ever paying much attention to what value really means.

When it comes to sports investment or gambling, value can only be described in one way:

"When the true odds of an event occurring
are less than the gambling odds available,
value exists

That's the basic , unarguable definition of value, and here's an example to prove it.

Sports Picks Consulting
Sports Picks Advisors?

Supposing you meet a Bookmaker who is holding a small bag. He shows you the contents of the bag which turn out to be two small sport widgets, both exactly the same size and texture, with one being red and one black.

He wants to bet with you about what colour widget you will draw out of the bag on each of a thousand attempts.

You must predict (Yes! sports predictions) the colour of the widget you will draw and bet $1 every time for the chance to do so.

However, he tells you he will pay you back $1.50 (plus your stake) everytime you are correct in your prediction.

If you are a bettor/punter with any appreciation of value, you will bite off his arm to take the offer.

Why? Because the bookies is offering you odds of 6/4; about a true even money chance - naturally, we need to assume that neither you nor the bookie will be able to gain any unfair advantage prior to each attempt.

It's worth remembering that when the true odds of an event occurring are less than the sports betting odds (or gambling odds) available, value exists.

Using the law of averages - after all, there's nothing else to go on - you can expect to correctly predict the colour of the widget approxmately 500 times out of the 1,000.

Each time you do, you'll receive $2.50 back ($1.50 winnings plus your $1 stake).

Each time you don't, you'll lose the $1. Thus, you'll lose $500 but receive back $750 ($2.50 x 500 is $750).

Overall, that's a profit of $250. That happy situation has come about because you obtained 6/4 about a 1/1 money shot.

Of course, you are never likely to meet such a generous bookie, but such dreams won't cost you a penny! Here's a rock solid deal.

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John Morrison Sports Picks Buffet Membership You can join these shrewd NBA & MLB Games fan and make it pay

John Morrison's sportspicks buffet service is extremely powerful and can help anyone who uses it to consistently make money betting on National Basketball Association NBA games and Major League Baseball MLB games.

You don't need to know much about MLB or NBA games to use this service and reap the rewards.

Those who follow the sports closely may have a slight edge over those who don't, but everyone who uses this betting system will profit.

The sport picks buffet is a single game system type and only covers the MLB games and NBA games which John Morrison send you Picks via Daily Email.

You have one cost option and it's not cheap!
  • Monthly access - which cost $125/month USD per month.
Looking at the price of the service subscriptions, once subscribed, YOU MUST play to recoup your subscription cost otherwise DO NOT buy the service.

Sports Picks Buffet Result Update

Over the last few days, John recommended best bets in the Sports Picks Buffet program result to a total of 20 wins to only 4 losses...

Here's a summary of the incredible win-loss results achieved with Sports picks buffet selections since its release to the online market on 7th April 2010.

7/04/2010 3-0 - The Ultimate bet of the day easily won on [MLB]Milwaukee Brewers, where experts agreed on at a 10:1 ratio!

8/04/2010 5-0 - The Ultimate bet of the day easily won on [MLB]LA Dodgers, where experts agreed on at a 10:1 ratio!

9/04/2010 7-1 - The Ultimate bet of the day easily won on [NBA]Utah Jazz, where experts agreed on at a 7:0 ratio!

10/04/2010 3-1 - The Ultimate bet of the day easily won on [MLB]Toronto Blue Jays, where experts agreed on at a 7:0 ratio! It was also a huge underdog play... meaning a tremendous return for your wager!

11/04/2010 5-2 - The Ultimate bet of the day easily won on [MLB]NY Yankees, where experts agreed on at a 20:2 ratio!

12/04/2010 2-0
13/04/2010 2-0
14/04/2010 2-0
15/04/2010 2-1
16/04/2010 3-2
17/04/2010 1-5 - Dark Sunday!
18/04/2010 1-1
19/04/2010 0-2 - Bad Monday!
20/04/2010 3-1
21/04/2010 2-0
22/04/2010 1-1
23/04/2010 2-1
24/04/2010 3-1
25/04/2010 3-0

That's 50 wins to only 20 losses. So far. Sports Picks Buffet system are winning well over 70% of the time! The best sports handicappers in the industry can never pick more than 59% winners over long term.

The sports picks buffet program have absolutely destroyed that margin by miles!

26/04/2010 No Official Bet - For April 26th 2010, there is an unofficial bet for the Pittsburgh Pirates on the +1.5 Run Lines in their game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

This betting series is unofficial because the Relative Power Index (RPI) difference between the two teams are just too great. Each team in the MLB is rated by an RPI score; the higher the score, the better the team.

Sportspicks buffet members can wager on this betting series if they wish, but must make sure that they bet conservatively.

27/04/2010 4-0 - The Best bets of the day easily won on [MLB]LA Angels, Oakland Athletics, and Chicago White Sox, where experts agreed on at a 10:1 ratio!

More Sports Picks Results

Expert sports picks results of John Morrison predictions follows:
28/04/2010 2-0
29/04/2010 0-1 - Like fox sport picks!
30/04/2010 4-2 - Not free sports picks
1/05/2010 2-2 - breakeven sport picks!
2/05/2010 2-2
3/05/2010 1-0
4/05/2010 4-0 - better than mcfarlane sports picks
5/05/2010 0-3 - Guaranteed sports picks lost of the damned
6/05/2010 0-3 - free sports picks daily lost of the day!
7/05/2010 3-0 - better than best sports picks john morrison
8/05/2010 4-1 - not sports picks free
9/05/2010 1-2
10/05/2010 1-2
11/05/2010 1-2
12/05/2010 2-3
13/05/2010 0-0
14/05/2010 2-2
15/05/2010 4-2
16/05/2010 3-0
17/05/2010 3-3
18/05/2010 1-2
19/05/2010 2-1
20/05/2010 2-0 - expert sports picks
21/05/2010 3-3
22/05/2010 5-1 - Johnmorrison winning sports picks
23/05/2010 4-1
24/05/2010 1-0
25/05/2010 1-1
26/05/2010 2-1
27/05/2010 2-0
28/05/2010 2-0
29/05/2010 3-1
30/05/2010 2-0
31/05/2010 3-0
1/06/2010 1-3 - sportsbettingchamp
2/06/2010 3-0
3/06/2010 0-0
4/06/2010 2-0
5/06/2010 2-5 - sports betting champ
6/06/2010 4-0
7/06/2010 2-1
8/06/2010 5-3
9/06/2010 2-2
10/06/2010 2-2
11/06/2010 2-3
12/06/2010 4-3
13/06/2010 4-1
14/06/2010 2-0
15/06/2010 2-3
10/06/2010 5-0
You may be wondering "Is this The TRUE Sports Picks Buffet result in the world?"

Or, what exactly do I mean by the true Sports Picks Buffet?

You see, the Buffet program, was first opened in April 2010. But here's a catch that John Morrison have never before mentioned:

Since day 1 of opening the sports picks buffet program, John Morrison's goal was to try and monitor WHO exactly are the very best sports handicappers in the world.

In the sports betting industry, too many wanna-be's try hard to make themselves look like they're experts, but the truth is: There are very few cappers in the world who can consistently back up their bold claims.

Since the initial opening of the Sports Picks Buffet back in April of 2010, John have subscribed to literally thousands upon thousands of different handicappers across the globe.

Some are good, a few are great, but the truth is: The vast majority of them just plainly SUCKED!

So, John Mossiron wanted to know exactly who are the best handicappers in the world.

Over the last year, John have unloaded most of all his proceeds from the Sports Picks Buffet program to buying premium picks from every sports handicapper one can imagine.

You see, the concept of the Sports Picks Buffet program WORKS! When you wager along with hundreds of the world's greatest handicappers on just the certain picks where a great majority of them agree on, you're practically guaranteed success over long term!

BUT the catch is, you can't tell who are the world's greatest handicappers until you've tried out their service over the long term.

As of June 10th, John had well over a year's worth of data in front of him, and gathered together a list of handicappers that have been on a fiery-hot winning performance since April 2010.

Up until now, the sports picks program has just been a collection of picks from all the various handicappers in the world.

Some are good cappers, but most of them just plainly sucked ass! Follow them, and it's a quick trip to the poor house!

Now, the TRUE Sports Picks Buffet is here. After well over a year's worth of data, John Morrison have subscribed to the best of the best handicappers, hand-selected by him, to represent the Sports Picks Buffet.

Since June 10th, the results you've been seeing is a testament to just how truly powerful this new program really is!

Ever since incorporating only the best handicappers in the buffet selections, the results speak for themselves: We've only had 4 losing days in the last entire month! Here's our record of the "best bets" since June 10th:

10/06/2011 1-0
11/06/2011 3-0
12/06/2011 0-0
13/06/2011 0-2 - this was the very 1st losing day
14/06/2011 0-0
15/06/2011 2-1
16/06/2011 1-0
17/06/2011 1-3 - the ultimate bet wins
18/06/2011 5-1
19/06/2011 1-1
20/06/2011 4-0 - we have, 2-0 good bets and ultimate bet won. PERFECT 7-0!
21/06/2011 3-1
22/06/2011 2-1
23/06/2011 1-0
24/06/2011 3-1
25/06/2011 5-5
26/06/2011 2-2
27/06/2011 0-2 - 2nd losing day, but the good bets did go for 2-1
28/06/2011 2-2 - winning day as good bets went for 3-1
29/06/2011 2-2
30/06/2011 1-1
01/07/2011 1-3 - 3rd losing day
02/07/2011 3-1
03/07/2011 0-1 - 4th losing day
04/07/2011 3-2
05/07/2011 3-3
06/07/2011 2-1
07/07/2011 1-1 - winning day as good bets went for 2-1
08/07/2011 2-0
09/07/2011 6-0 - by the way, 2-0 good bets and ultimate bet won. PERFECT 9-0!
10/07/2011 5-0 - by the way, 2-0 good bets and ultimate bet won. PERFECT 8-0!

That's right: Only 4 losing days in the last month. We are currently on a PERFECT 20-0 winning streak, with no end to this mind-numbing streak anywhere in right!

You can see this is not gambling. This is basically robbing the bookies blind! I don't feel sorry for them!

We will try to update you with our result to see if this system - john morrisons sports picks buffet membership continue to make us money.

On avarage, the sports picks system will win about nine out of every ten times, and your average loss will be about five times as much as your average win.

If you do the math, you will see that this gives a fantastic return!

The disadvantages/ negatives/ downside/ issue/ scam/ drawbacks/ of the john morrison sports picks system is the cost - its not cheap!

OVERALL Sports Picks Buffet Reviews

I can tell you with complete confidence that there are no other sports picks of the day available (as of ) that are as good as John Morrison Sports Picks Buffet membership site listed here.

Most of the information you get from Internet concerning expert sport picks systems is either biased or useless from a practical standpoint - because many affiliate promoting the products wants to make commissions.

The John Morrison Sports Picks Buffet - Get picks from hundreds of leading sports handicappers for the price of one service mentioned here are by far the best out there. Don't waste your time and money on anything else out there.

With that in mind, here's a sensible way to approach this daily sport picks system:
  • Buy John Morrison Daily Sports Picks Buffet membership below.

  • Starts small, with a tiny investments as a fun sporting investment bet. You place your wagers on the John Morrison's recommended best bets of the day, based on strong consensus of over 500 professional sports handicappers or as many other bets as you see fit!

  • See how much winnings you get and how much further you want to take this sporting investment bet. This purchase is 100% risk-free! If you are not convinced then you can cancel your order (John Morrison's Sports Picks Membership) at any time!
Does this approach make sense to you?

The secret to making money on sports is not to gamble away your money on your own hunches or intuitions. That's exactly the formula how 96% of average bettors lose their money on sports over long term.

Leave that job to the experts who dedicate everything they have to solely pick out winners for a living!

As the whole point of sports betting is to make money, this is clearly a problem. will explain all the details of the system in just a bit. Right now, I only give you some brief background information, so you don't get lost how it all works.

Make your bets with unshakable winning confidence, backed up by assurance that they're the same picks with undivided support from top-notch handicappers worldwide!

You don't pay anything to the handicappers! You get access to all of their premium picks from John Morrison in one easy email every day.

Saves you tens of thousands in money that you would have had to spend on all of those sports handicapping services! Saves you hours of painstaking time every day in compiling together all the picks from the experts!

You can do it all without leaving your chair
- so what are you waiting for?!

Revolutionary service and concept. There's absolutely nothing else on the internet that offers you this service!

You see, the key to true happiness in life are good health, and lots of money. If your health was in peril, it will be foolish for you to try and treat it yourself rather than to seek out the help from the most skillful doctor.

If you miss out on the Sports Picks Buffet program, then you are truly missing out on the bind-blowing reinvention of the wheel. The incredible results of the program speak for themselves!

We've had only 2 losing days since the John Morrison Sports Picks Buffet grand opening!

As you can see, every day that you're not a member of John Morrison's Sports Picks Buffet program, you're losing money, massive amounts of money!

Memberships are now open. Take action right now and start cashing-in on sports unlike anything else you can possibly imagine.

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Price: $125/month
Customer Rating:
9.1 (12 votes)
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Reviews From Others!

Read Reviews From Users Like You:

"Mark Roberts was the CFO (Chief Finacial Officer) and founder of the online sports bookmaker went bankrupt and was sold to because of the Sports Betting Champ players who consistently won tens of thousands from the sportsbook every single week over a period of 2 years.

As he tells his story in the letter below: In over 35 years of running bookmaking operations, Mark Roberts has never seen anything like it in his life.'s former owner has since then purchased the Sports Betting Champ membership himself and bets with it every day to make back all the money he lost as owner of the sportsbook:

Mark Roberts
TT Services
John Morrison
P.O.Box 30175
Worcester, MA 01603

April 13, 2010

Hello John,

I've been in the sports wagering business for over 35 years and was most recently the CEO of in Costa Rica.

About 2 years ago, a group of my customers were consistently winning in the NBA every week.

In over 3 decades, I had never seen anything like it when the baseball season began, that same group of players continued to beat me for tens of thousands week after week in baseball as well.

To make a long story short, two disastrous NBA seasons and one baseball season in between, was a deciding factor in selling out Betjoint and just taking my losses.

The good news for me is that I joined your service and followed your system plays to the letter - no more, no less.

As a result of your systems, I am happy to say that I have recovered nearly all of my losses that I suffered as the bookie and will now be a player forever.

John, I raise my glass in a toast to you and your unbeatable systems.

Thanks to you, life is good again!

Warmest regards,

Mark Roberts, San Fore, Costa Rica

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