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Tesco groceries offers

What are Groceries?

Grocery - a marketplace where groceries are sold or a consumer goods sold by a grocer. It is a food market/ grocery store/ market/ foodstuff/ greengrocery/ supermarket/ packaged goods/ market place/ mart/ consumer goods

Tesco.com Groceries is the largest British retailer and is also the world’s 3rd largest grocery online retailer with outlets across United Kingdom UK, Europe, United States of America USA and Asia. Soon! Tesco Africa.

Tesco plc (Public Limited Company) trade in the London Stock Exchange (LSE) with sticker symbol: TSCO.

Tesco.com, the UK's leading online grocery shopping service which is a multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer with headquartered in Cheshunt, United Kingdom.

Tesco grocery business began in 1919 with one man, Mr Jack Cohen, selling groceries from a stall in the East End of London.

Mr. Jack bought surplus stocks of tea from a company called T.E. Stockwell. As fait would have it, T.E. Stockwell and Mr. Cohen combined their names to brand the tea Cohen originally sold - TESCO tea.

In 1929, the first Tesco store opened in north London.

Tesco grocery has expanded since then by a combination of acquisition of new stores, retail services and by adapting to the needs of consumers.

Tesco has net profits (before tax) of around £3 Billion. Tesco’s primary aim is "to serve the customer".

Tesco grocery delivery
Keeping existing customers happy is important, as they are more likely to return.

This is more cost effective for the business than acquiring new ones.

Tesco.com is the UK's leading online grocery shopping service.

Teseco online supermarket will allow you to order fresh food, organic food and other groceries over the on line Internet within the united kingdom and have them tesco grocery delivery/ delivered to your home.

The tesco direct groceries site ( www.tesco.com ) also offers a huge range of other goods and services including gifts, books, CD's, DVD's and computer games, plus loans, mortgages, insurance, credit cards and savings accounts.

In the UK tesco grocery now has 5,000 stores worldwide ranging from the large Extra hypermarket style stores to small Tesco Express high street outlets.

Tesco’s original product range of grocery and general merchandise has diversified to include banking, insurance services, electrical goods as well as telephone equipment and airtime.

This move towards "one stop shopping" means customers can meet all their purchasing needs from one place. Tesco tesco groceries has also expanded its customer base through its Tesco.com direct groceries website which attracts one million regular users.

As the company has grown, so has its workforce. From one man and a stall, Tesco direct groceries now has approximately 280,000 employees in the UK and over 500,000 worldwide.

To serve its widening markets it needs flexible and well-trained staff that can recognise the needs of the customer.

Tesco Online Groceries

Tesco online groceries's drive is a master class in on line internet retailing. By adapting quickly to the fast - changing needs of its customers, and innovating new solutions, the company is keeping several steps ahead of its competitors.

Tesco.com relies on an automated network storage infrastructure to provide its highly resilient and scalable information storage system. The seamless file sharing capabilities within the networked solution also simplify the management and protection of the tesco online grocery/ www.Tesco.com site.

The tesco grocery online subsidiary of united kingdom's largest, most prosperous, and most widely respected high street supermarket group was the very first to market in UK and this innovative, pioneering spirit has assisted Tesco.com in achieving its enviable position today as the world's number one online grocery store.

Every week, the tesco online groceries serves and satisfies more than 100,000 orders online across Great Britain, and year before recorded an annual turnover of more than €350 million.

Tesco groceries online
Innovation and agility are Tescom.com main founding goals.

Tesco groceries online ere a very competitive company, which is always striving to do better.

"Every little helps", tesco online grocery has consistently retained its innovative spirit, and this pioneering approach has been a critical success factor in the ultra competitive groceries online retail environment.

Tesco online grocery's agility has enabled the company to roll-out new solutions quickly, and capture a valuable "time to market" advantage on its less sprightly competitors.

The company (tesco grocery online) has launched a series of microsites aimed at niche opportunities, such as a Christmas gift site, Halloween and other time sensitive events.

Tesco online groceries created a microsite for Mother's Day for flowers delivery service, which automatically popped screen on the tesco direct groceries homepage when a customer entered the site.

This proved to be so successful that tesco grocery recouped its development costs in the first 24 hours of it going live! This shows tesco groceries online are continue meeting its "core purpose - to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty - and our Values - no one tries harder for customers and treat people how we like to be treated".

Customers expect to be able to shop where and when they want - as shopping habits have changed over the years and tesco grocery online have changed too.

Today, Tesco Online Groceries have grown from a UK supermarket chain towards becoming an international multi-channel retailer and have continued to innovate every step of the way.

Scan the barcode of grocery items Tesco direct groceries were viewed as pioneers when they first launched an online grocery business over 10 years ago.

It’s now the largest, most profitable business of its kind in the world.

Using their smartphones, tesco grocery online customers can now scan the barcode of grocery items, order online and have their shopping delivered to their home.

Tesco grocery wants to be an outstanding international retailer in stores and online.

The technology challenges facing tesco online grocery focus on three distinct issues: speed, resilience and change.

The tescoonline groceries retailer is experiencing a 100% increase in site traffic every year, and it needs to ensure that the system continues to operate quickly, however, many customers are on the site.

It's a complex environment. The number of customers is increasing; tesco grocery on line have more and more complex transactions involving greater numbers of images; and customers are communicating through a variety of new devices.

If the site is too slow, www.tesco.com risk losing customers to its competitors, possibly never to return.

This accelerated delivery needs to be matched by round-the-clock service. System downtime is simply not an option: if the site stops, revenue stops.

Tesco tech support Tesco.com aims for non-stop availability,
allowing customers to shop at any time of
the day or night.

Tesco.com's greatest pain point though is
managing a rapid, constant, and inevitable
cycle of change.

Minor changes are incorporated onto the site on a daily basis, such as updating the homepage tesco direct groceries, incorporating new banner and other types of advertisements and other marketing information.

Tesco.com implements more significant changes every eight weeks, such as adding new functionality and applications, all of which means the development and testing is based on a six to eight week cycle.

Tt has multiple, overlapping streams of applications and solutions in development at any one time, and they all need to be launched without any impact whatsoever on the customers.

Until recently, the technology infrastructure supporting Tesco.com made it difficult for the company to react to these challenges.

The UK offers significant opportunities for growth for Tesco - in grocery, in non-food categories and in services. The UK tescoonline grocery market is mature, but far from saturated.

The UK has the lowest grocery space per capita of any country in the EU and only about a third of that of the United States.

An important indicator of the scope for future growth of online grocery space in the UK is that when new stores open the impact on existing stores is minimal.

Tesco grocery online track very closely every store opened in the UK - by Tesco and its competitors - and the impact of these new stores on Tesco’s groceries sales has remained consistently below 1% of tesco.com total sales for many years.

The performance of tesco grocery own mature stores opened in recent years is exceeding business plan forecasts and the profit margin and return on capital in the UK continue to strengthen.

There is significant opportunity and demand for Tesco online grocesries to grow its store network - for example, only 54% of UK tesco grocery shopping shoppers are able to reach a Tesco Extra within 15 minutes.

Convenience stores form another important segment of the tescoonline grocery market. Traditionally a fragmented market, Tesco was the first of the major retailers to develop a convenience format on a national scale with Tesco Express.

Tesco.com now have 1,285 Express stores but this still represents only a small market share in the convenience segment and tesco grocery have many years of future growth.

In addition to tesco food (and other grocery items such as household and toiletries), Tescoonline has developed a strong offer in categories such as electricals, clothing and entertainment.

In these "new" general merchandise areas tesco.com only have around a 4% market share in a large fragmented market.

With a large and loyal customer base, the leading store network and a strong tesco groceries online platform, tesco.com have a tremendous springboard from which to grow its market positions in these segments.

Tesco Grocery Codes

The purpose of this section is to gather together as many valid Tesco Grocery Shopping Discount Voucher Codes as possible.

Oraifite.com site trawl the web everyday to bring you latest tesco grocery codes so you don't have to waste valuable time searching for them yourself. Please feel free to bookmark this page.


Money Off
  • eCoupon GRGH4Y entitles customers to try the Click & Collect Groceries service without paying the standard Monday - Friday collection charge of £2 in selected stores only.

    Customers must spend and collect £40 or more on groceries from tesco.com/groceries in a single Click & Collect order for collection on or before 1st April 2012 to qualify for £2 off.

  • XXAFFT - £10 off when you spend £50 on your first online Grocery shop - before 20th February 2012

  • XXAFFT - £5 off £40 Spend, New & Existing customers save - Valid between Monday 6th February - Sunday 12th February inclusive

  • XXCY3K - £10 off £50 Spend - Expiry Unknown

  • XXJTXM - £2 off £20 Spend - Valid between 19th september 2011 and 02nd October 2011

  • XXM3J7 - £2 off £20 Spend - Valid between 29th August 2011 and 18th september 2011

  • XXMAGS1 - £10 off £50 Spend - Expires 31st August 2011

  • XX4FTR - £3 off £20 Spend - Expires 28th August 2011

  • XXTC7K - £5 off £50 Spend - Valid between 22nd August 2011 and 28th August 2011

  • XXTC2F - £5 off £50 Spend - Valid between 15th August 2011 and 21st August 2011

  • XXMQNH - £5 off £50 Spend - Valid between 08th August 2011 and 14th August 2011

Extra Points
  • Use all 3 codes by 04th September 2011 and get an extra 400 points

  • XXHJYN - 200 extra points WYS £50 - 1st Shop - Expires 04th September 2011

  • XXM4GF - 200 extra points WYS £50 - 2nd Shop - Expires 04th September 2011

  • XX4JYH - 200 extra points WYS £50 - 3rd Shop - Expires 04th September 2011

Compliance with the Groceries (Supply Chain Practices) Market Investigation Order 2009 and the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (Code)

The Code came into force in the UK on 4th February 2010 and places obligations on tesco grocery retailers with a turnover greater than £1 Billion to build a compliance programme, which includes training staff and providing information to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) as requested.

In addition, the Code sets out a number of provisions which relate to different aspects of the retailer/supplier relationship.

Tesco Groceries Online are committed to treating its suppliers fairly and work in collaboration with them wherever possible. It is in tescoonline grocery nature to treat compliance with the Code very seriously.

Prior to the introduction of the Code, Tescoonline took a number of steps to ensure that it was ready to comply. Tesco.com have in place a compliance training programme for its buying teams and a comprehensive training course is provided for all relevant new starters.

Tesco Grocery Vouchers

Revenue comprises the fair value of consideration received or receivable for the sale of goods and services in the ordinary course of the Group’s activities.

Sales of goods revenue is recognised when the significant risks and rewards of ownership of the goods have transferred to the buyer and the amount of revenue can be measured reliably.

Revenue is recorded net of returns, discounts/offers and value added taxes. Offers include: money-off coupons, conditional spend vouchers and offers such as buy one get one free (BOGOF) and 3 for 2.

Clubcard, Loyalty and Other Initiatives

The cost of Clubcard and loyalty initiatives is treated as a deduction from sales and part of the fair value of the consideration received is deferred and subsequently recognised over the period that the awards are redeemed.

The fair value of the points awarded is determined with reference to the fair value to the customer and considers factors such as redemption via Clubcard deals versus money-off-in-store and redemption rate.

Computers for Schools, Sport for Schools, tesco grocery vouchers and Club vouchers are issued by Tesco grocery for redemption by participating schools/clubs and are part of tesco.com overall Community Plan.

The cost of the redemption therefore, meeting the obligation attached to the vouchers is treated as a cost rather than a deduction from sales

Tvery little helps. Every little piece of data about your shopping habits helps supermarkets such as Tesco march forth in their quest to claim as much high-street business as they can cram into their already bulging trolleys.

This has long been the charge made against loyalty reward cards or tesco grocery vouchers; you may think you're saving money by expressing your loyalty to a particular store.

But what you are really doing by gifting them your name, address and preferred flavour of ice cream each week is enabling them to further strengthen their grip on your wallet or purse through highly targeted marketing and responsive store design.

Why else would some of the supermarkets choose to spend millions each year running such schemes?

But what is really the harm in them knowing such mundane information if you can earn, say, £50 off your Christmas shop, or some free cinema tickets?

It pays to look at two things: how much these schemes actually save you, and how the information you hand to the retailers is used.

If you are unsettled by the advance of the supermarkets, cutting up your card is one little way to help rein them back.

Tesco British Apples

Made in Great Britain - Tesco British Apples! Tesco hand-pick over 20 different varieties from traditional Cox's to tangy Braeburns, all with quality at their core.

Ensure you are eating either Braeburn apple pack or tesco gala apples or braeburn apple loose class 1 or tesco goodness apple or tesco golden delicious apples or granny smith apples or gala apples loose or pink lady apples or bramley cooking apples or tesco jazz apples or tesco british apples or tesco orchard select.

Top Apple Dessert Recipes

Have a quick look of the top Apple dessert recipes at tesco. Whether you're after a selection of lighter recipes or are more interested in decadent desserts, tesco have all the sweet treats you need.

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Thousand more products, new ranges, new sellers and new brand for you and your home, all with Clubcard points. You've more choice made easy than ever at tesco.

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Top Up Vouchers Tesco Online Code

Yes! You can save £10 when you spend £75 or more on Tesco direct.
Ecoupon code: TD-MXTN

Valid 1st Oct to 28th October
Excludes Sellers at Tesco
eCoupon code TD-MXTN entitles you to £10 off when you spend £75 or more at tesco.com/direct.

Only one eCoupon per customer. Please enter the eCoupon code at the Tesco direct checkout to qualify, this eCoupon code is valid from 1st October 2012 until 28th October 2012 23.59.

Orders must be placed by the stated end date to qualify. Minimum spend applies. This eCoupon is not valid for Sellers at Tesco.

These eCoupons are, and shall remain the property of Tesco Stores Ltd and are not for re-sale or publication. Top up vouchers tesco online reserve the right to withdraw these eCoupons at any time before the published end date. Copied, damaged or defaced coupons will not be accepted. Normal eCoupon terms and conditions apply.

Tesco Top Vouchers

You can also save £10 when you spend £50 or more on your first online grocery shop
Use eCoupon XXAFFT

Top offers Tesco Grocery

Selected Laundry Products 3 for £10. Valid until 9th October. For more details or go to tesco.com/direct.

How about Price Drop - Selected 4 packs of beer. Valid Until 30th October and you will receive it as a priority Christmas delivery slots! For more details or go to tesco.com/direct.

Best Offers Tesco Wines

Top tesco wines offers for you. But remember that tesco have just been voted the Wine Supermarket of the year 2012!

Best offer tesco wines have Free Delivery on all orders above £50! Delivery is permanently £6 for orders under £50

When you place an order by 12 noon (Sunday to Friday), Tesco wine offer will do its utmost to deliver the following day between 7am and 7pm.

Saturday orders should be delivered anytime on Monday. These times may vary on Bank Holidays. Delivery time slots will usually be available three days after you place your order.

Fantastic offers on top wines in Tescos wine festival is still live! Click here to see Best Offers Tesco Wines.

25% extra off for new customers with no minimum spend until 28th October
CODE: XXKXFP Click here to see Tesco Wines top offers.

eCoupon code valid for all new Wine by the case customers on your first order placed on or before Sunday 28 October 2012. Cannot be used with other eCoupon and can only be used once per customer and once per order. You must be 18 or over to order and receive alcohol. Excludes Fine Wines.

Tesco Grocery Shopping

Online tesco grocery shopping is a god send. Tesco.com's customers value the time savings of not having to drive to the store, manually pick the groceries, queue up to pay, drive home and unload the car.

They do, however, enjoy the opportunity to touch and feel the produce. Tesco has managed to streamline the customer's shopping scenario while ensuring customers get the quality and the prices they want.

Try shopping from home this year!
TESCO public limited company PLC is a UK-based global supermarket chain with annual revenues of £20 Billion.

An established presence with a huge brick-and-mortar infrastructure,

Tesco is also the world's most successful and profitable online grocer.

Tescoonline has worked hard to streamline the customer's grocery shopping scenario, both in-store and online. No other online grocer has seamlessly integrated customers' in-store shopping and their online shopping.

Online tesco.com customers value the time savings of not having to drive to the store, do the manual labour of picking out the groceries, stand in line to pay for them, drive home and unload the car.

Tesco customers do, however, usually enjoy the opportunity to touch and feel the fresh produce and to make "impulse buys".

Here's how Tesco's team worked to streamline the customer's shopping scenario while maintaining the attributes that customers value: getting the quality, the assortment, and the prices they want.

Many online grocery services presume that it's more cost-effective to handle inventory and fulfilment operations from a distribution warehouse.

But Tesco groceries online management quickly realised that customers would prefer to purchase online from the store in which they would normally shop in person.

That way, customers would receive the same price for each item online as the price in the store nearest their home.

Tescoon line customers were also familiar with the selection of products available in their local stores.

By linking the online tesco grocery shopping application directly to each store's inventory systems, it was unlikely that customers would order a product that was not available, saving considerable time and effort for both customers and for Tesco.

Finally, the servers in each store could save a history of each customer's favourite products, to ensure that these were always in stock.

Tesco grocery shopping record history keeps track of what each family has bought, both in the store and online. And it doesn't violate customers' privacy by sharing that information with suppliers.

This "shop online from my store" scenario permits regional pricing variations to be maintained, boosting overall profits. In the supermarket business, certain neighbourhoods support higher prices than others.

Yet customers' online prices would always be competitive with the prices charged by local stores.

The tesco grocery shopping pick and pack in-store system works like this: The pickers use a specially-equipped shopping cart with six trays and an online display.

The display gives them their routes through the store and a list of the items to be picked as they go down each aisle.

The store routes are optimised to avoid the peak in-store traffic areas. Items are scanned as they're dropped into each customer's tray, so they can't be mixed up.

My shopping delivered by tesco And if the item the customer ordered has gone out of stock in the few hours that have elapsed since the order was placed,

The picking application proposes an alternative product from a list of items that the customer has previously purchased, either in the store or when shopping online.

75% of Tesco's online shoppers also shop at the store from time to time. And because most of them use Tesco's loyalty card, Tesco has a complete history of each customer's orders.

Once the shopping cart is filled, the trays are loaded directly into the tesco grocery delivery vans that are ready and waiting behind each store.

Again, the routing is optimised so that produce doesn't sit for hours but is delivered immediately after being picked from the store.

Deliveries are scheduled based on customers' preferences within a two-hour delivery window to allow for traffic delays.

Any items that have been substituted are carefully placed on the top of each order so they can be reviewed and accepted or rejected when the order is delivered.

So how does a Tesco groceries shopping work?

How tesco groceries shopping work!

Tesco Groceries Shopping want to make the grocery shop as simple as possible for customers. Already registered? Sign in to start a shop. First time shopper? Register to sign

tesco groceries register

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