Golf Fitness Exercise Workout Book by Golf Fitness Training Expert Mike Pedersen

"Here's How To End Your Frustration, Maximize Your Golf Potential, And Be The Top Dog In Your Foursome..."

"...Your Golf Swing Will Have Effortless Power....Producing Amazingly Long And Straight Drives That Blow By Your Golfing Buddies By 30 Yards On Every Hole"

Dear Golfer,

Can you imagine the look of pure horror on the faces of your golf buddies as you unleash the sweetest drives and crank out one killer swing after another?...

If you've taken lessons, bought the latest greatest equipment and your garage is filled with those crazy gimmick training aids...

If you've tried the golf pros and the newest clubs and you still can't get those drives in the fairway, or that darn ball near the hole, this is the most important piece of information you'll ever read.

Golf Fitness Training Expert Mike Pedersen

Mike Pedersen
Golf Fitness Trainer

My name is Mike Pedersen and over the past 9 years, through a long and painstaking process of trial, error and research, I've developed a sure-fire, 100% guaranteed program for adding yards to all your clubs and strokes off your scores based on the little-known golf secrets of touring pro's and elite players.

I guarantee it and I've got the results to prove it!

Mike Pedersen is a Golf Fitness Expert

Can This Work For You?

When Elwyn Roddick from the UK first bought my golf fitness book even I was skeptical about whether this program would work for a 71 year old with serious shoulder problems. But I was amazed when he wrote to me and told me his shoulder problem had cleared up and he'd won a Major Championship!

"Your golf fitness program has worked wonderfully for my golf. My shoulder problem, which was horrendous, has now virtually cleared, all thanks to you and your golf exercises. I have now managed to win one of our major club competitions and considering the opposition, it was no mean feat!! I would recommend your program to any one of any age as at 71 years, I find it has been a wonderful revelation, and feel 10 years younger. Once, again many thanks."

Elwyn Roddick, United Kingdom

This Just Came In!!

I got the below message via email just yesterday and was totally pumped to hear Mark's results and his enthusiasm for getting and staying in shape to play better golf. This makes it all worth while knowing fitness is the hardest sell on planet.

"...beyond recognition!"

Mark Styles Golf Success Storey "Hi Mike, Thought I’d e-mail you following some recent events!

I have been performing many of your exercises since I bought you Ultimate Fitness Guide just under a year ago.

From ‘stretches’ to ‘fitness ball’ to ‘tubing’ to ‘medicine ball’ I have managed to perform at least one golf exercise, if not a routine, most days since buying it. Even through a bad 3 to 4 months suffering the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis! (All under control now!)

A friend of mine paid myself and, unbeknown to him, yourself the ultimate compliment last week.

We hadn’t played golf together for over a year although we keep in touch regularly. I played my first ever round of golf with this guy about 15 years ago!

Throughout the round, and in the clubhouse, he told me that he couldn’t believe how well I was hitting the ball in terms of consistency and distance. He added that he has never seen me play like that and that it was the best he has ever seen me play since I took up the game.

Prior to that I also picked up second spot in my Golf Society’s first event of the year last month.

Over the weekend I have had a chance to take stock and to review how far I have come since this time last year. My game is beyond recognition. I have practiced my technique down at the range but not a great deal. No good having technique if you can’t physically perform it.

I can literally feel my improved flexibility in everyday life let alone on the course. My swing has now developed from a rigid 1/2 to 3/4 swing to a more fluid 3/4 plus swing.

There’s still a lot of room for improvement, but I’ll keep on working at it.

I now actually feel like a golfer instead of someone who just turns up to make up the numbers!

Thanks for your help!

It wouldn’t have happened without buying your Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide!

All the best, Mark."

Mark Styles, Wickford, Essex, UK.

Have You Taken Lessons
Only To Be More Frustrated?

I hear this one all the time...

Golfers spending hundreds of dollars on lessons, only to be more confused than ever... and not being able to hit the ball at all! With this scenario, what's left?

Do you take more lessons? Do you hit more balls? I'll bet you've already done that. Did it help? Be honest. I'm a straight shooter... and fessing up is the first step to ending the frustration and getting on the right track quickly.

What the pros won't tell you is it's your BODY that's keeping you from an astonishingly high level of performance.

"Thank you for your eletters. They are a real help. Just to share something with you.... I have been doing the golf exercise program in your ebook, and I can vouch for the extra distance that I am getting.( I have been playing golf from March 2005 and I used to hit my driver about 200 yards with difficulty. I can now hit about 250 yards consistently with the driver and my distance with the other clubs has increased as well).Just thought that I would share this with you. Cheers!"

Chris Gregory, New Zealand

You have certain physical capabilities. If your pro tells you to make a 90 degree shoulder turn and you can't... what does he tell you next?

I can tell you it's to make some kind of "compensation" in your swing to make that shoulder turn. The result is less power, more miss-hits and an even MORE complicated swing... that you can't repeat.
The solution.

All you needed to do was a simple stretch or strength movement to solve that particular problem.
It's that easy!

That's the way your golf improvement approach should be. Simple. Easy. With quick results.
No more "band aid" swing adjustments that don't last. Just simple tips and techniques you can apply immediately and see results!

"Greetings from Corpus Christi!

Let me tell you...The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide is the real deal! I have been in competitive sports since I was able to walk and have been through all sorts of training camps, but the immediate fruits of this e-book supercedes the hundreds of dollars one might spend for the sessions, which sometimes don't reveal the product until weeks or months down the road.

I am addicted to golf because it is so challenging. My only fear is that the more I dedicate myself to this program, the easier the game will get. But I guess that is a good thing, huh? Once the frustration of the challenge is gone, what comes next...pure fun! I am excited and thankful for what you have developed for the amateur golfer."

God Bless,
Father Joseph Lopez, JCL
Corpus Christi, TX

P. S. I shot 8 strokes lower than my average that day.

The Secret To Lower Scores and Longer Drives
Is All About Getting Your Body To
Move Just A Little Better

In fact... I'm so confident about the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide... that I would go as far as saying even one of my simple golf stretches or golf exercises could increase your drives by up to 20 yards... almost overnight!

The beauty of getting your body fit for golf... is you don't have to swing harder to hit it farther. In fact, you'll swing MUCH easier... and watch those tee shots blast down the middle of the fairway.

Improve Your Game Quickly And Easily

Now, for the first time ever, the same tips and techniques that have helped thousands of golfers all over the world dramatically improve their game is available to you in a single, information packed,

Introducing "Mike Pedersen's Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide:" How To Easily Get In Shape For Golf In Less Than 30 Days! Guaranteed!

The "Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide" is your golf performance success guide in downloadable e-book format, jam-packed cover to cover with all the golf improvement tips, techniques and methods previously known by only a small handful of the worlds best golfers. This book contains all the information you'll ever need to instantly play your best golf!

Golf Fitness Exercise Guide E-Book

You've Gotta Read What A Respected Author
And Instructor Of 25 Years Says...

"I Recommend Mike's E-Book Unreservedly!"

Mike Pedersen has done two different things very well: he has 1), written with authority, knowledge, and unquestionable expertise on how to get and to stay in shape specifically for golfers, and 2), he has done it in a pleasurable, easy-to-read, and crystal clear manner...

The book is, first of all, very well organized--so you can start right from the beginning and take things at your own pace.

Mike covers areas in addition to those you would expect, i.e., psychological factors, aging, motivation, enjoyment is right there up front with the applicability to every step of a golf swing--from setup to the end of the swing--and the end of the whole round, for that matter.

I recommend Mike's book unreservedly: it is the work of a true professional. All the more so given that its cost is the smallest fraction of the cost to obtain a personalized regimen, or compared to a few visits to a gym or health club.

-George Hibbard
Author, Golf's Critical Details

Here's Just A Small Sample Of
What You'll Discover:

  • Why most golfers will never reach their potential and how you can quickly transform your game and leave them in your dust! (This concept is very simple and you'll be shocked at the results!)...
  • Learn the secret of training your muscles to consistently hit the ball near to perfection every time. I'll share with you the biggest secret to conditioning your muscles to do what
    you want them to do - one sweet killer swing after another.
  • How to train your body to do the things that a "killer" golf swing demands... and learn it in a fraction of the time that it would normally take (Imagine giving your mind and your muscles the equivalent of 760 hours training in just 3 hours! How much do you think that could improve your game? It's inevitable isn't it? Even if you've been playing the game for 30-40 years - you can achieve massive improvement in a matter of weeks)...
  • How to make your body as limber as those rubber band punks you see belting the golf ball a country mile... even though they weigh 85 pounds and stand 5 feet tall. (You'll never be disgusted off the tee ever again)...
  • The simple exercise you can do to make your balance rock-solid. This is the well guarded secret to avoid those slices and hooks that send your ball wildly flying into the rough, sand traps and water hazards. Imagine that ball sailing down the middle of the fairway time after time.

...A Must For Every Golfer That Seriously Want To Improve Their Game!"

"Mike Pedersen's e-book, the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide is a must for every golfer that seriously wants to improve their game! Look, you can work on the mechanics of your swing or get new equipment... but bottom line is golf is a sport and like any other sport you have to be in shape. The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide will give you the chance to play your best golf."

-Chuck Evans, G.S.E.D.
Author of the best selling golf instruction book,
"How To Build YOUR Golf Swing" and consistently
nominated for Golf's Top 100 Teachers

But there's even more...

  • My special technique for unlocking your shoulders to give you maximum shoulder turn and real power you can launch into
    every swing and drive (if your shoulders are "locked up" and not giving you the flexibility you desperately need, your game is shot before you begin - but this easy exercise opens you up like a well-read book)...
  • The embarrassingly minor change you can make to each exercise which doubles or triples each movement's effectiveness (automatically programming your muscles - LITERALLY BURNING IT INTO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS - to play shots that give you astonishing pin-point accuracy)
  • My unique 3-minute game warm-up routine that prepares you to play kick-ass golf from the very first tee (this is a routine that virtually no-one ever does - quite frankly because very few people understand how critical it is for adding 10... 20... 30 yards to your drives)...
  • A "killer" stretch for your back to give you maximum movement just when you need it (again, a key component of ANY pro golfer's game - and something you won't learn from any gym instructor or personal trainer)...
  • How to easily develop both flexibility and strength without having to work out like a gym junkie! (no matter what age you are). And you should also know that this system is NOT about building up more muscle. It's about using what you already have yet getting massive increases in your power (increasing your muscle mass can actually shorten your swing)...
  • The amazing little exercise which dramatically boosts the strength in your shoulders (and yet, it only takes 30 seconds)...
  • Learn the one "special move" you must do on the course to insure proper muscle memory before every shot...

"...You Have A Best-Seller On Your Hands!"

"Mike, I think you have a best-seller on your hands! The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide is a great addition to any golfer's library who wants to improve his or her game. I loved the fitness self-test and the ideas to help golfers stay committed to an exercise program, which is always a challenge for golfers. Great job! I will be sure to send my students to get a copy of the book."

-Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D. Master Mental Game Coach,
Author of 4 golf books including
Going Low: How to Break Your Individual Golf Scoring Barrier

You'll also discover...

  • How you can follow one specially designed exercise and do the equivalent of over one hundred golf swings in less than a minute! I guarantee this will add 20 yards to your drives in 7 days or less...
  • Three "golf stretches" you must do in your home, to get your lower back loose, before you even get into your car... Learn this dynamic golf warm-up that can be done in less than 5 minutes and you don't even need to hit any balls to be ready to play...
  • The #1 stretch you should do "on the course" if you have a bad back. Skip it and play with a painful back for years to come. This exercise alone can significantly reduce your back pain
    on the course - in some cases eliminate it forever...
  • The quick and simple test to determine your current level of golf specific fitness...
  • Why using machines in your gym or home is hurting your golf swing not helping it...
  • Why you must have a certain combination of food before you play to ensure maximum concentration and energy...
  • The reason you should NOT eat a sandwich or hot dog at the turn. And if you do... what will happen to your game on the back nine...
  • How using a rubber band in your office will dramatically improve your swing mechanics and power...
  • Secrets of stretching that will amplify your body's ability to produce a BIG backswing and complete follow through for better consistency (it's so simple, you'll shake your head when you hear it)...
  • How hitting fewer balls on the range can actually help your swing. Why your hours on the driving range are probably a complete waste of time and how you can make any practice you do pay off to really improve your golf game...

"You've Proven, Once Again, Why You Are The Internet's Top Golf Fitness Instructor!"

"Your book is EXACTLY what any golfer wanting an extra 20 yards must get immediately! It's chock full of easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that will benefit anyone. You've proven, once again, why you are the Internet's top golf fitness instructor. And it's why I have wholeheartedly recommended this e-book to all my 'Better Golf... Right Now!' newsletter subscribers."

-Dave Cushion, Tournament Champion Golfer,

There's still more...

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about strength training for golf... including detailed answers regarding the older golfer...
  • How your BODY is what's keeping you from playing your best game... not your equipment... and not hitting more balls...
  • The only reason why you've been struggling to hit it further and why it's not working...
  • What causes your frequent miss-hits and how you can quickly correct it. It's not what you think...
  • Three of the most golf-specific fitness routines you've ever seen. It's not like any of the "so-called" golf fitness programs you see in Barnes and Noble or on
  • How this special simple aid you can buy cheaply and easily at your local store can increase your drives up to 40 yards in less than 3 "in-home" sessions. Why you won't see any success in your program unless you do this very important movement throughout your entire session.
  • Simple, "sweat-free" golf exercises you can do right in your office in 10 minutes. Take a break from the grind and improve your game at the same time.
  • How one simple movement can make or break your success in golf. If you're ignoring this all your effort is wasted!
  • Why you don't have to be a "gym rat" to be fit for golf. It doesn't take hours a day like you think.
  • How another simple aid you can use in your office or at home to help you overcome your back pain instantly...
  • One of the greatest secrets to producing longer shots and the reason it works and keeps working time after time.
  • The secret that will put your weight loss into "warp speed". It's so simple... you'll be shaking your head in amazement and wishing you knew it years ago (you'll soon be looking years younger than your golfing buddies)...
  • The "unknown" exercise, that even golf pros aren't aware of... done with your golf club... that will give you pro level power at impact... where it counts (say good bye to those weak, slaps at the ball)...
  • Have the confidence to step up to the tee on a long par 5 and know without a doubt you'll get there in two... and be putting for eagle (something your playing partners can only dream about)...
  • No more "back-pain!" I'm dead serious! What would it be like to finish a round of golf and feel great? It's about to happen...
  • You'll never need to go to a gym again. Everything can be done "in your home" or office... saving you time to play more golf...

This doesn't even scratch the surface of how you will be blowing the doors off the rest of your foursome.

No joke! They'll be astonished at your golf transformation!

"I Highly Recommend Mike's Excellent Fitness Program To Every Serious Golfer."

"Mike Pedersen's Ultimate Golf Fitness is right on the mark -- get the "core" in shape for strength, consistency, general health, avoidance of injury, and longevity in sport. And his e-book shows any golfer how to use the right exercises for rapid results. For putting, the "core" is also key to balance and accuracy, as in Tai Chi and Aikido. But perhaps more importantly, an intelligent exercise program leads to "chronic fitness," and chronic fitness underlies sound perceptual processes and strong mental skills in golf, and especially on the green. I highly recommend Mike's excellent fitness for golf program to every serious golfer."

- Geoff Mangum
Putting Theorist and Instructor
Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone
Golf's most advanced and comprehensive putting instruction.

Who I Am And Why You Should Listen to Me

There are lots of golf fitness books and programs, and dozens of people claiming to be experts.

However, very few of these so-called "Golf Fitness Experts" practice what they preach or have the credentials and track record to back up their claims. Since you're probably wondering how this book is different, here's the whole story:

I've been playing golf for over 20 years and know the golf swing "inside and out". If I were to do it all over, I'd still be a golf fitness trainer, but I'd also be an instructor.

So when you came to me, I'd not only work on your swing mechanics, but your BODY too. I have played to a single digit handicap for the last 9 years. I've been involved in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and motivation coach for nearly 20 years.

Golf and fitness is my life - it's all I've ever done.

Enough listening to me talk...

Here Are Some More Comments
From Golfers Just Like You...

"I cannot stress how your program has improved my golf game. I've always been a runner and basketball player, but since I started your strength and flexibility program in March, my drive has gone from 230 to 250 yards and my irons have gained 10 yards in distance."
Bruce Neerhof, Wisconsin

"I would like to thank you in helping me improve my golf game. I started to use your program about 2 weeks ago and I am already seeing results. For example - I used to regularly drive the ball 260 yards - but within 1 week of using your stretching techniques - I have already seen a 10 yard increase in my driving. Once again thanks."
Paul Merrick

"My daughter is Chief of the Physical Therapy Program at our VA Medical Center and she is very impressed with the programs you are recommending. Congratulations!"
Richard Hess, Oklahoma

"I feel good about the program. I'm on the right track and the initial euphoria when it seems great falls away and you have to stay committed takes over! Thanks again for an excellent program. I believe it's a winner. Best regards from down under - we have great golfers!"
Nigel, Australia

"Well, since I started about a month ago - I've lost about 10lbs. I'm more flexible, and most importantly I've even shaved 3-5 shots off my game already. I'm already seeing results which drives me to do even more and improve my game."
Orlando Imai, Texas

"Mike, I started using your tips and techniques and all I can say is WOW!! I usually hit the ball long. But after just two days I out drove my buddy by 25 yards! But most important... I'm controlling the ball. I understand that I must be as flexible as possible to keep my posture throughout my swing. It's only been a few days, but I'm excited already!"
Luke Bennett, Michigan

The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide Can
Improve Any Golfers Game... Fast!

It doesn't matter what your ability is, how old you are or what your starting point is. You will be amazed at how quickly you feel better and shoot dramatically lower scores.

All you need is the right program, that's based on your starting point, that you can implement right away. It's that easy.

So stop looking for the latest greatest driver or training aid and focus on what's going to get you the quickest results that last.

Best Part: You don't even need to hit anymore balls at the range to see immediate improvement in your swing. You heard that right. NO MORE POUNDING BALLS! I'm telling you... it's YOUR BODY that's keeping you from a game your playing partners will envy!

What Else Is In The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide For You?
Many, Simple Tips And Techniques To Dramatically and
Quickly Get You Playing The Best Golf Ever!

Once you get this book in your hands, you'll discover everything you need to know, in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step way. I wrote it like I am there talking to you in person.

The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide covers many different facets of golf improvement through fitness.

This book is unlike anything you've ever seen.

How do I know?

Because, I've bought and looked at every golf fitness book in print. None of them cover the dynamics of the golf swing and how to strengthen the specific golf muscles and produce rapid results like this one.

Clients have paid me as much as $200.00 per session, to work with them privately, one-on-one. They pay these kinds of staggering fees happily... because my programs work. They can do a session of golf stretching and strengthening, and go out and play a great round the same day.

ORDER TODAY And You'll Also Receive The Following
6 FREE Bonus Gifts Worth AT LEAST $154.75!

$75.00 Half Hour Consultation With The World's Leading Golf Fitness Expert Absolutely FREE!

That's right... as the proud owner of the Ultimate Golf Fitness you will be entitled to a free telephone consultation with me... my time is limited so this will only be available till my schedule is booked up.

I will give you my special toll-free number which will entitle you to spend up to 30 minutes grilling me on the phone with any questions you have about any aspect of implementing your golf fitness program. (I normally charge a minimum of $150.00 per hour for golf fitness consulting, so this is at least a $75.00 value).

FREE Bonus Gift #1: Golf Like Tiger Can (Ebook, Value $29.95)

FREE Bonus Gift #2: 50 Golf Tips You Can Use On The Course Right Now (Ebook, Value $19.95)

FREE Bonus Gift #3: The Tee Time Diet - What To Eat Before, during And After You Play (Report, Value $19.95)

IN SUMMARY, here's what you get in this Guide...

  • Download it in minutes! You'll have everything you need to blast your drives astonishingly long & straight down the fairway!
  • Little known performance secrets to give you the edge over your playing partners... that will catapult your performance. You'll be collecting all the money! They'll be the ones wanting to know what the heck you've been doing!
  • Never-before-published golf-specific exercises that will instantly prepare your body for a powerful and very stable golf swing. Do them in less than 15 minutes "in your home". Finally... something that doesn't take all day to see results!
  • Essential motivational advice designed to help you stick to your program and reap the rewards. This time you will succeed! No more ruts or failures!
  • Simple golf exercise program you can do in your office, during a break that will add even more power and improve your swing mechanics quickly. Take a needed break at work to improve your game. Your co-workers will wonder what you're doing.
  • Easy to view pictures and effective, step by step instructions for every "golf-specific" exercise, tip and technique. You'll know exactly what to do right away! Plus the benefit to your golf swing. Now there'll be a reason for doing it.
  • What to eat before, during and after your golf to perform at your best and mutilate your competition. You'll feel like a million bucks both on and off the course.
  • The best golf stretches to do to ensure maximum results. You'll be making that BIG, FULL backswing you've been yearning for in "no-time". It's MUCH easier than you think.
  • What you can do "on the road", that can be done in your hotel room, in less than 20 minutes, using only one special, inexpensive piece of portable equipment. You'll love this routine. Quick. Easy. Get it out of the way!
  • A "cutting-edge" golf fitness guide that will get your body moving like it did years ago. The end result... hitting LONGER drives, shooting lower scores, preventing golf injuries and enjoying your golf for years to come.
  • FREE Professional Telephone Consultation with me to answer any questions you may have on implementing your golf fitness program.
  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee should you find that your use of the Guide does not help you improve your body to play better golf.

Once you order the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide from this website, you'll automatically be eligible to save $50 off the original $97 price. It costs me less to produce a digital product, with no shipping costs. Order Now on Clickbank's Secure Server - Download Instantly!

So What's The Bottom Line?
How Much Does This Cost?

I was going to price this all-encompassing golf performance guide at $97.00, then decided I'd make it available for $67.00, but for visiting this site today... this golf performance guide is now only $47 – AND you'll get it instantly (no waiting in the mail).

Don't wait a minute to order at this low price! The regular price of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide will go up to $67.00 after this introductory promotion is over.

For Less Than the Cost of One Round of Golf,
You Can Now Discover The Inside Information
The Word's Best Golfers Have Kept To Themselves

Look at it this way: The money you invest in this book is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money you've probably spend on gimmicky training aids and the latest, greatest driver that didn't even help. It's even WAY less than just one golf lesson!

The best news of all is... that the cost of this golf fitness guide is absolutely nothing unless you've seen results from your efforts because...


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Read this book and apply it to your personal situation, and if you feel it has not improved your game, then I want you to simply write and tell me, and I'll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

On the other hand, if the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide helps you play better than you've ever played before, I want you to email me your success story... to tell me about the results you achieved... and tell all your golfing friends about it too.

If you're even remotely interested in improving your game, then you owe it to yourself to at least try the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide. I don't think you would have read this far if you weren't seriously interested in playing your best golf.


Golf Trainer Mike Pedersen

Mike Pedersen

P.S. Don't put it off for another minute! Take action now! With the "no questions asked" refund, there's no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose, and you need to act quickly to get in on this offer before the price goes up, so click on the link below to order today!

Priority Order Form

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Mike Pedersen's Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide E-book: cutting-edge, tips and techniques to quickly and dramatically transform my game, delivered electronically in PDF e-book format, available for instant download.

BONUS #1: Golf Like Tiger ($29.95 Value). Downloadable PDF format.

BONUS #2 The Mentally Mutilating Dirty Dozen Golf Report ($29.95 Value). Downloadable PDF format.

BONUS #3:50 Golf Tips You Can Use On The Course Right Now ($19.95 Value). Downloadable PDF format.

BONUS #4:The Tee Time Diet - What To Eat Before, during And After You Play ($19.95 Value). Downloadable PDF format.

SUPER BONUS! FREE 30 minute phone consultation. Spend up to 30 minutes grilling me on the phone with any questions you have about any aspect of implementing your golf fitness program. (I normally charge a minimum of $150.00 per hour for golf fitness consulting, so this is at least a $75.00 value) - order now so you don't miss out!

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Order your Guide to Golf Fitness Today

NOTE: The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download this golf exercise book onto your computer. The golf workout e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. The Golf Blog.

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