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We have penis yeast infection pictures, Vagina yeast infection cure pictures, yeast infection home remedies and causes of yeast infections images pictures.

Also we have Linda Allen's treating yeast infection pictures of oral and skin yeast infections as well as infections in baby.

If you are not sure which yeast infection home remedies or yeast infection could help, looking at these pictures below can give you a place to start to see if your yeast symptoms are the same.

Please note, though, that a yeast infection or candidiasis can be confused with other diseases such as a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), also known as a sexually transmitted infection (STI), or venereal disease (VD).

If you have never had a yeast symptoms infections before, it is best to consult with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist first to make sure you get the correct remedies for yeast infections.

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Penis Yeast Infection Pictures

Reiter's Disease Pictures
Reiter's disease is a reactive arthritis triggered by a
preceding infection.

This infection may be sexually transmitted such as
chlamydia, genital mycoplasmas and, to a lesser
degree, gonorrhea or enteric - salmonella, shigella,
yersinia and campylobacter.

The clinical manifestations of Reiter's syndrome include
acute arthritis/arthralgia, lower uro-genital tract
inflammation, mucocutaneous inflammatory lesions and

Urethritis is common in Reiter's syndrome, whether or not the initial infection was sexually transmitted or enteric.

Acute Reiter's syndrome can also be accompanied by systemic symptoms such as fever, malaise, anorexia and weight loss.

Most acute cases will resolve in 2-6 months with an annual risk of recurrence of 15%.

This Reiter's Disease Pictures shows circinate balinitis, the most common mucocutaneous inflammation of Reiter's syndrome.

Prior to Reiter's Disease Pictures, the patient may experienced urethritis due to a chlamydial infection and had presented with a monoarthritis of the elbow.

LymphoGranuloma Venereum Pictures

A genital lesions that a male patient believed were due to sand in his bathing suit.

Upon further discussion, the patient disclosed having unprotected sex while on a exotic caribbean destinations vacation.

Although these lesions genital may look like genital herpes, the travel history suggests other ulcerative conditions that aren't as common in America and Canada such as Syphilis, chancroid and Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV).

LGV is caused by certain serovars of Chlamydia trachomatis. Untreated LGV is a chronic disease with a number of acute and late manifestations that are often divided into three stages of infection.

This male patient had an antigen detection test and serology that confirmed the diagnosis of LGV.

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Herpes Simplex Virus Pictures - HSV Infection
Herpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex
virus (HSV).

There are two types of HSV - types 1 and 2.

HSV can cause painful sores around the mouth which
are called cold sores.

They can also cause sores on the genitals. This in know
as genital herpes.

How do you get HSV Infection?
  • You may get it by kissing someone who has a cold sore.

  • You may get herpes in your genital area if you have oral sex with someone who has cold sores.

  • You may also get herpes in your eyes, mouth and genitals by touching the sores.

  • If you are pregnant, you can pass the virus to you baby during pregnancy or when you give birth.

    Tell your doctor/nurse if you have herpes. Your doctor or nurse can give you medication to reduce the risk of your baby getting herpes while you are pregnant. You may not know that you have herpes, but you can still pass it on.

  • You can pass on the virus when you have sores on your mouth or genitals that are easy to see but you can also pass on the infection without having any sores.

How can you tell if you have HSV Infection?

A large number of people infected with herpes will not have HSV symptoms and therefore you may not know you have it.

If you have herpes symptoms you will most likely feel itching or tingling on your skin and then develop painful blisters that turn into sores.

It will heal by itself. When you first have an outbreak of herpes, you may also feel like you have the flu and symptoms may last several weeks.

It cannot be cured but it can be managed. There are medications that may help to prevent outbreaks or reduce the length of time that an outbreak lasts.

The doctor may also prescribe a medication for pain if your outbreaks are severe.

What can you do if you have a Herpes Infection?

  • After urinating, wash your genital area with cool water

  • Avoid "wiping" the area. Pat it dry to avoid spreading the HSV infection.

  • If it hurts when you urinate, sit in a tub of warm water to urinate or pour warm water over the area while you are urinating.

  • Keep the area clean
  • Wear cotton underwear
  • Wear loose fitting clothes

How can you prevent passing on the HSV Infection?
  • Do not perform oral sex when you have a cold sore.

  • If you feel a burning or tingling sensation but have no sores, do not have sex. This is a sign that you may be developing an outbreak and even without sores, you can pass on the virus.

  • Note that you can pass on the herpes virus even when you donít have sores.

  • You should not have sex if you have an outbreak of genital herpes. Wait until the sores are completely healed.

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